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Indiana Woman Calls 911 to Report Her Missing Marijuana

She really wants it back.

Stupid Stoners Are Getting Their Pets Sick With Weed

Remember when you used to blow smoke in the dog's ear while having a joint?

25 Things People Do When High on Drugs

Earlier this week we learned a lesson in how drugs can affect your decision-making. Am I right Justin Bieber?

Today In Amazing News: Marijuana Shields Your Liver From Alcohol Damage

GREAT news for people who like to party: According to a new study conducted by researchers at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York,

Alright, Who Keeps Stealing All the ‘420’ Road Signs in Colorado?

Damn potheads! You’re supposed to act cool so this whole legalized weed thing looks so enticing to lawmakers that other states adopt the idea.

Be Careful Stoner Bros, Pot Smoking Could Give You Man Boobs

If you are a male pot smoker, be careful, a Detroit-based plastic surgeon thinks you are more at risk of getting man boobs. 

Hey All You Budding, Pot-Smoking Journalists Out West, The Denver Post Needs a Weed Editor

Calling all you marijuana-toking, internet-savvy, journalism 2.0, new-media types. Now is your chance to make it after all. 

Watch a Stoned Woody Harrelson Realize the Hemsworth Brothers Are Related

Proponents of marijuana say pot doesn't affect your brain too much, but they might rethink that after watching this video of weed enthusiast and actor

Today in Good News: Weed Stops Cancer

Your parents may tell you smoking pot is bad for you. Now you can tell your parents they are idiots. 

Watch a Short Documentary About ‘The Willy Wonka of Weed’

World, meet Colorado-based pot entrepreneur, Tripp Keber. Since it's been legalized in the state, he's become known as "The Willy Wonka of Weed," creating marijuana-infused candy,


Peyton Manning Has His Own Strain of Weed, You Guys

Kudos to the package artist. I didn't think you could possibly make Peyton Manning look less handsome but, against all odds, he did just that.

Rate This Pro-Marijuana Commercial NASCAR Fans Will Watch at the Brickyard 400

Hey, NASCAR fans—do you like beer but hate getting hangovers? Then MPP has the product for you!

Download The 1975’s Ode to Herb ‘Chocolate’ And Pretty Lights’ Album ‘A Color Map Of The Sun’

We have come upon yet another big day in the world of free music; this time we benefit from a free iTunes giveaway from The

College Girls Who Smoke Pot More Likely to Sleep with You, Says Study

It's called a gateway drug for a reason. It's a gate way to get in her pants!!!

Bill Maher’s Epic Rant About Legalizing Marijuana Is Freakin’ Brilliant

Confession: I'm a huge Bill Maher fan. So if you don't like Maher and his opinions, you'll probably have a problem with this post.

Back in

The 21 Best Stoner Movies to Watch on Netflix Instant

You know the feeling: You get home and your roommate is chilling on the couch. Maybe your day was good, maybe your day was bad.

8 Nickelodeon Cartoon Characters That Were Definitely Potheads

4/20 is tomorrow which of course means every pothead in the world is going to tell you about it. We all remember the first time

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your 4/20

For those of you Bros in college, and even those of you who are not, consider yourself very lucky this year because 4/20 falls on


The 20 Most 4:20 Friendly College Campuses in the U.S.

Going to college isn’t just about studying.

Kansas State University Bro Lands in Jail After Getting Caught With Cheeba Chews AKA Marijuana Candy

Fuckin' Cheeba Chews, Bros. Fuckin' CHEEBA CHEWS. I'm not the in-house BroBible stoner, but why the hell have I never heard of these? In fact,

Mexican Drug Smugglers Now Using T-Shirt Cannons To Fire Soup Cans Full of Marijuana Over Border

Because unfortunately this shit isn't going to smuggle itself...

People Are Already Smoking Pot in Bars in Washington

$4.20 appetizers? Sold!

10 Brain Exploding Things You Didn’t Know About Weed

Alright, Bros, let's move the focus on over to a little thing called weed. Pot. The Dope. Whatever label you place on this magical and

Pot-Smoking Teens Risk Long-Term Damage to IQ and Show Signs Similar to Alzheimer’s

Here's the skinny, Bros: you smoke too much pot, your brain will likely rot, and you'll spend your life sleeping on a cot...in a homeless

How I Obtained My Medical Marijuana Card

I don't have AIDS, cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, hemophilia, back pain, or any other condition that truly qualifies me for medical marijuana in the state of

8 Amazing New Details About How President Barack Obama Smoked Pot Back in the Day

It's a matter of public fact that President Obama smoked pot.


Tourists Can Forget About Buying Marijuana in Amsterdam

Bad news, pot enthusiasts. That trip over to Amsterdam is about to get a lot less enjoyable, thanks to a new law, upheld by a


J-Train’s World: My Case For Keeping Weed Illegal

I am not a stoner. I partake. I abide. I enjoy. But I am not a stoner. I’ve never worn Birkenstocks. I have never wondered

Baron Davis Finally Scored, Rewarded Himself With Fake Joint

Last night, we finally found out exactly what Baron Davis can bring to the New York Knicks. The answer is drug-themed celebrations. He followed up

Here’s What You Missed at the Medical C*nnabis Cup

Hot girls, hippies, weed, and… weed. That was the High Times Medical C*nnibis Cup in Los Angeles, and videos are already surfacing from this

18 Hilarious Home-Made Bongs

We ran a story last week in which a man was caught by authorities in Oklahoma with a bong made out of a

The Man with the Plunger Bong

If you’re going to go down, you might as well go down hard. Well, maybe that’s not the best logic but it appears to be

Sea of Green: Small Plants, Large Yields

Most people that want to grow ganja don’t necessarily have an abundance of space. This is why the Sea of Green (SoG) method and its

Dude Sues Robbers for Jacking His Medical Marijuana

Imagine a world where you could sue the hell out of somebody for ripping you off on a bag just like if they messed up

The Color Wheel of Weed

“Taste the Rainbow” doesn’t just apply to Skittles. Marijuana has thousands of different varieties that span every color of the spectrum and every flavor

Yet Again, Science Proves That Weed is Awesome

Every time you hear a doctor on a pro-weed doc*mentary talking about the lack of side effects from marijuana, they always have that little side

Colorado: The Frontline of 4:20 in America

While activists in some states are trying to get a medical marijuana initiative on their November 2012 ballots and others aren’t even close to convincing

That’s a Lot of Effing Weed: 10 of the Biggest Marijuana Seizures in History

No weed smoker in the world has ever uttered the phrase “Man, I wish I didn’t have so much!” If that isn’t a doc*mented

PHOTO: Rupert Grint Caught Ripping a Bong

Ron Weasley Ginger

Rupert Grint, the actor who played the ginger wizard Ron Weasley in all the "Harry Potter"