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Things You Miss the Most After Graduating College

If you're chained to a cubicle today, this one hits close to home today. You know how badly I wish I could reincorporate all these

Girl Quits Her Accounting Job with the Most Obnoxious ‘I’m Out’ E-mail to Her Co-Workers Ever

Over the years, we've posted our fair share of amusing e-mails from people who have decided to quit their jobs. Usually it's pretty funny when peopl go

10 Things That Will Automatically Make A 20-Something Cool

Being cool in your 20s is not very hard. That is because us 20-somethings are cool for the pure fact that we are in our

10 Ways My Boss Has Made My Life A Living Hell

Throughout the past year, I have dealt with the most irrational, passive aggressive, jealous, insecure, and incompetent person I have ever encountered in a professional

21 More Power Moves You Can Pull At Your Entry Level Job

4. Try to show a coworker something on a firewalled website and then say, “Well, it worked on my computer.”

Girl Quits Her Dead-End Job with Amazing Interpretive Dance to Kanye West’s ‘Gone’


How to Pretend to Work at Work, According to a Super Cool Old Man

Listen up, post-grad Bros: Just graduated from college and already hating the office grind? You need to listen to this man. He's dropping wisdom bombs about slacking

7 Absolutely True Ways Guys Change from College to Their Mid-20s: A Response

This Monday, BroBible published a hilariously true article about how girls change from college to their mid-20s. While the majority of the article is true,

5 Kinds of Sex You’ll Have After College

In college, you basically had one kind of sex, whether drunk or sober, it was pure, unencumbered, animalistic pounding. No expectations, no complaints, and most

The Differences Between College Partying Vs. Postgrad Partying

I attended a birthday party for my buddy over the weekend. You know, it was a pretty good time, too. We drank beers, ate some

Gallup Research Poll Reveals the Majority of College Graduates Are Unhappy with Their Jobs

The #grind is wearing us down. 

Research Says Millennial Men Are Much More Likely to Live with Parents Than Women

Somewhat interesting, if you're into this sort of thing. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Pew Research Center has released a study that says

24 Things To Do Before You Turn 30: An Incredible Bucket List for Twenty-Somethings

Hey all you twenty-somethings out there: This might be one of the best "bucket list" videos about all the places you need to go, things

5 Friendship Violations You’ll Be Put in the Doghouse For, and How to Resolve Them

The thing about being friends with someone, particularly over a long period of time, is that you also have to be

Check Out ‘City Bound,’ a Funny Web Series About Broke, Jobless Kids Who Can’t Get Off Long Island

Very much hits home, this thing. If there's a reason this looks somewhat familiar, its because this is the shit that's happening EVERYWHERE. City Bound was chosen

Here Are ‘The Hidden Meanings of Brunch’

Brunch has really been on a tear from 2010 onward. Now as a huge social indicator, doing brunch with certain people ends up having a

Here’s a Depressing Video About Twenty-Something Life After College

Since post-grad ennui is the new hotness and no one in their twenties is truly happy unless they're #YOLOing on a backpacking trip through Europe

The Ultimate Guide to Giving a Toast at Your Bro’s Wedding

From belligerent hockey moms threatening each other’s lives, to every Chicago Cubs general manager, to DMX and the zany criminal pratfalls

24 Sentences Everyone Says Their First Year Out of College

"I can't enjoy the Internet because I should to be job searching on the Internet."

Memorable Shots: 4 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Otherwise Stale Pregaming Experience

Pregames are a lot like life before age 30--though we all know pretty much where things are heading, not enough time

5 Ominous Signs You’re on the Verge of Selling Out

"Selling out" has a very interesting connotation in today's Drake lyric-filled world. On one hand, the term seems to represent compromising

What You Tell Your Boss vs. What You Actually Mean

The relationship you have with your boss can be an interesting one. Depending on how close you two are, and the level of professionalism that’s

How Funny Is It When People from High School Decline? Plus, Is Ryan Lochte the Quintessential Bro?

Welcome to episode 3 of the BroBible Podcast. This week, senior editor Brandon Wenerd (@brandonwenerd) joins host J Camm (@JCamm_) and

6 Keys to Dominating Your First High School Reunion

For men of a certain age (not to be confused with the 2009 comedy-drama vehicle starring Ray Romano), these past few

Here are the ‘10 Things Millennials Won’t Tell You,’ According to the Wall Street Journal

Articles on the internet are a pretty big fan of millennials. Diehards, you can say. Here, the Wall Street Journal provided

The Postgraduate’s Guide to Raging Hard on a Weeknight

Going out on a weeknight is one of postgraduate life's purest art forms. It’s a process all about proper execution, acting

How to Fake Your Way Through Conversations About Adult Things: Politics, Financial Stuff, and More

The picture above is of Amsterdam Vallon and Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York--which, is an excellent film. It's also a film

Check Out All These Hella Successful Bros Who At Some Point Had to Move Back in with Their Parents

Postgrad "I'm never going anywhere" blues got you down? Living with your parents may seem like the end of the world, but as these people

20 Things No One Tells You About Your 20s

The struggle is real. You graduated, but you’re not actually an adult. You’ve entered the work force, but you’re entirely unprepared. You’re in your 20s,

5 Keys to Throwing The World’s Best College Graduation Party (with Your Parents)

Now that the class of 2013 is ready to take on the world with their great prospects for eventual home ownership,

The Top 10 Cities College Grads are Flocking To

Wonder where millennials are moving? Forget New York City or San Francisco.... 

3 Reasons Why Your ‘9th Semester’ Is by Far the Most Valuable One

I remember a year ago today pretty well. It was in the middle of what was called Senior Week--this hazy compilation

10 Things Millennials Are Incredibly Good at Lying About

Oftentimes, the demands of life require people to be good at stuff. But not everyone is good at stuff, so some people have to lie

‘Friendly Dating Advice’ Brilliantly Sums Up Dating (or Lack Thereof) in the 21st Century

A great reminder that the bar nowadays is laughably low. Existing is half the battle, speaking words is another 30%, and saying words that result

5 Things No One Ever Tells You About Getting a Job After College

It’s a cold world out there. Unless you’re from Florida, in which case it’s a cold world in there. (The passion for air conditioning in

Young College Graduates Now Make A Lot Less Money Than They Did in 2000

Maybe your friends who claim they're "broke" aren't actually lying. 

6 Important Words of Wisdom for Living In a College Town After Graduation

As a guy who’s attended three different universities and graduated this past spring with his Master’s, I happened to get my first full-time gig in

9 Sweet Ways to Totally #Crush That I-Banking Internship

For reasons known to most everyone, Investment Banking and related professions have become the de-facto thing to do if you’re smart, driven, and generally well-adjusted

The 8 Do’s and Don’ts of a Postgraduate Brunch

I'm not here to tell you that brunch is a thing. Given the need for girls to "be seen" and Bros to wake up late

‘Freaks and Geeks,’ and Why You Should Keep Sticking to Your Guns

If you’re a fan of the television series “Freaks and Geeks”-- nowadays one of the most beloved members of the “misunderstood genius” pantheon-- you may