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20 Things You’ll Learn During Your First 6 Weeks Of Work

#7 Just order the bowl at Chipotle.

PostGradProblems Is Here

Our Bros over at TotalFratMove.com just launched a site every post-collegiate Bro can appreciate: Postgradproblems.com. Your cubicle just got a lot more interesting. Check it out!!!

5 Terribly Awkward Postgrad Dating Scenarios

So you broke up with your college sweetheart. It’s rough. I’ve been there. Steadily dating in college is like two steps below getting married. It’s

The 8 Unspoken Rules Of Drinking After College

I’ve come to believe that typical drinking behavior assumes at least three distinct stages throughout a certain kind of American’s life,

5 Things I Assumed I’d Have A Year After Graduating College

It’s the one-year anniversary of my college graduation, and let me tell you — I’m feeling no desire to take my

What It Feels Like to Move Back Home with Your Parents After College

Perfectly explained with GIFs. 

10 Worst Things About Post-Grad Social Media

Dude... I used to get blackout drunk and puke all over bar bathrooms with you. Why the HELL would I want to connect with you

Dom Mazzetti vs. Getting Hired

Tough job market out there. Dom shows you how to be a cut above the rest. Take notes. 

Jobs Like This Are Legitimately Posted, and We’re Definitely All Not F*cked

Being fresh out of college with a liberal arts degree sounds like a pretty good time right about now.