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These Guys Play Golden Tee For A Living, Make Almost $100,000 Per Year

Dream job.

Is Farting in the Workplace Acceptable? — The Results of This Survey Might Surprise You

In the real world people pretend to act like adults. They wear drab clothes, eat salad, and schedule their sex lives.

Ranking the 10 Best Cities for Recent Grads

Just graduated college? These are the 10 best cities for recent grads, based on affordability, jobs, number of young people, and, of course, pizza.

The 10 Friends You’ll Have in Your Twenties

As you get older, you'll notice your pool of friends will decrease year-by-year, until one day the only people texting you are your wife and

This Cartoon Perfectly Describes the Struggle Every 20-Something Millennial Goes Through After Graduating College

Who the hell wants to take a job chained to a desk all day pushing numbers when you can be body surfing waves in Bali

The 4 Ways You’ll Meet People After College

Like most of you, I’ve been meeting people my whole life.

The 20 Most Annoying Habits of 20-Something Girls

If you’re like me and a.) have sisters b.) have female friends or c.) exist in this world, you know what I’m talking about here.

The 20 Most Annoying Habits of 20-Something Girls

If you’re like me and a.) have sisters b.) have female friends or c.) exist in this world, you know what I’m talking about here.

13 Questions Your Parents Will Ask You in Your Twenties

Your parents are going to ask you certain questions in your twenties. Some will be inexplicable, given that they were in their twenties once, and

8 Things You Learn to Appreciate When Moving Back Home

Drinking your dad's scotch and staring at your old varsity football trophy: Your Mondays after moving back home!

10 Scary Movies That Would Actually Terrify Me

In October of 2013, one junior-level employee was given leadership responsbilities on the Henderson account... A year later his work was found. "The Blair Witch

Girl Quits Her Dead-End Job with Amazing Interpretive Dance to Kanye West’s ‘Gone’


10 Absolutely True Ways Guys Change from College to Their Mid-20s

Last week, I wrote an article on how college girls differ from girls in their mid 20’s. The (mostly female) comments ranged from “LOOOL sooo true please

5 Sleazy, Yet Subtle Ways To Get Ahead At Work

This article is much deeper than simply offering to buy Starbucks for your boss, or actually doing extra work. If you’re like me, you’re probably

5 Things You Do After Work, and What They Say About You

It’s 5:01 p.m. on Hump Day and your car is already pulling out of the company lot. You’re almost done with the workweek, and yet

5 Truths About Millennials

There’s been a lot of commentary on millennials. I guess you could say we’re a controversial bunch. We’ve been called lazy, selfish, entitled, rude…really, the

You Should Live With Your Parents

I, Bobby Box, am in my mid-twenties. I live with my parents. I’m not ashamed by this at all, either. In fact, 95% of my

7 Dream Careers You Should Reconsider Pursuing

Two months ago, a doe-eyed youngster walked onto a stage and was handed a college diploma by an old white person

Guy Has Craziest Sex Weekend of His Post-Grad Life, Plus D1 College Basketball Bro Bangs His Fat RA

Submit your Hook Up Heroes stories here.

20 Things You’ll Learn During Your First 6 Weeks Of Work

#7 Just order the bowl at Chipotle.

The 8 Unspoken Rules Of Drinking After College

I’ve come to believe that typical drinking behavior assumes at least three distinct stages throughout a certain kind of American’s life,

Your First Days Home as An Unemployed College Grad

Congrats, graduate! You did it! You somehow suckered your school into giving you a degree. How was the ceremony? Miserable, right?

10 Things You Never Have to Deal with Again After College

Look on the brightside, Class of 2013: You'll never have to deal with this bullsh*t ever again. 

How to Look Busy At Work, Without Actually Being Productive

Working blows, Bros. Most people who live the 9-5 cubicle lifestyle know this. What they also know is eighty percent of their day is spent

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Go to Law School, By Tucker Max

Editor's Note: The following law school rant by Bro legend Tucker Max was recently published on Huffington Post College. Because there are probably many Bros

Our 12 Favorite ‘Fairy Tales for 20-Somethings’

What does post-grad life in your 20s have to do with classic fairytales like "The Tortise and the Hare," "The Prince and the Pauper," and

5 Fake Jobs to Have as a Post Grad

Unless you graduated  from Stanford at 16 or you’re the heir to the TempTee Cream Cheese fortune , your post-grad career path will be checkered

College vs. ‘The Real World’: A Tale of the Tape

As the college year starts up again, it’s time for the most recent class of graduates to increase the rate at which they wistfully look

Happy Graduation: What You Can Expect Your First Year After College to Be Like

This month, thousands of kids will take photos with their parents and siblings and grandparents in front of some meaningless slab of architecture that’s supposed

Texas Dominates List of the 10 Best Cities for Young Adults

Apparently, Texas is the place to be after graduation. The Lone Star State landed four spots on Forbes.com's recently released list of the “Best Cities