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Washington State Grad Has The Funniest LinkedIn Profile I’ve Ever Read


For the most party, LinkedIn profiles are pretty damn boring, even though it's pretty fucking important to have one depending on what industry you're in after college.

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Two 27-Year-Old NYC Girls Who Just Can’t Even Looking For Preppy Post-Grad Fratstar On Craigslist

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Attention NYC post-grad Bros: Are you 6 feet or taller, played lacrosse in college, work for a bank, wear half-zips, Ray-Bans Wayfarers, loafers, and Patagonia vests, know Bob Seger lyrics, and looking for a girlfriend now that the summer's over.

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If You’re a 20-Something, Stop Saying You’re Old


Every post-grad, 20-something millenial idiot is guilty of this, but we do it anyway.

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This Cartoon Perfectly Describes the Struggle Every 20-Something Millennial Goes Through After Graduating College


Who the hell wants to take a job chained to a desk all day pushing numbers when you can be body surfing waves in Bali and uploading that shit to YouTube.

post grad life

4 Hard Truths You Need To Know About Your First Year After College


Once the haze clears from the dumb head that your parents have just dumped $160,000+ into, the gap year seems like a legitimate solution to remedy your self-imposed idiocy.

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