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11 Most Outrageous Ways Employees Have Wasted Time At Work, According to Recent Survey

Fact: people waste a lot of time at work.

This Song Perfectly Describes What It’s Like to Be a Post-Grad Party Animal with an Office Job

Did Con Bro Chill do it again or did Con Bro Chill do it again?

If You’re a 20-Something, Stop Saying You’re Old

Every post-grad, 20-something millenial idiot is guilty of this, but we do it anyway.

Ranking the 10 Best Cities for Recent Grads

Just graduated college? These are the 10 best cities for recent grads, based on affordability, jobs, number of young people, and, of course, pizza.

This Cartoon Perfectly Describes the Struggle Every 20-Something Millennial Goes Through After Graduating College

Who the hell wants to take a job chained to a desk all day pushing numbers when you can be body surfing waves in Bali

4 Hard Truths You Need To Know About Your First Year After College

Once the haze clears from the dumb head that your parents have just dumped $160,000+ into, the gap year seems like a legitimate solution to

10 Things That Will Automatically Make A 20-Something Cool

Being cool in your 20s is not very hard. That is because us 20-somethings are cool for the pure fact that we are in our

28 Things You Should Do Your First Year Out of College: A Post-Grad Bucket List

This applies for people five years out of college too, right? 

10 Factors When Picking A New City

You’re young. You’re sexy. Your biological clock still has another one to three years before poofs of dust start sputtering out of your reproductive organs.

Post-Grad Pat Stansik’s All Grown Up and About ‘Positive Decisions’ These Days

One of the great joys of my career blogging for BroBible has been watching University of Michigan alumn Pat Stansik's career blossom and grow, from his

Girl Quits Her Dead-End Job with Amazing Interpretive Dance to Kanye West’s ‘Gone’


25 Best Cities For Young People To Live In

We are big advocates of never going back home after college unless home is a metropolis. But it's not always easy to figure out where