porn statistics

The Average Age Of Porn Viewers By Gender, By Country And What Each Is Searching For


Our friends over at Pornhub are back with some more insightful information gleaned from their user database.

the wankband

You Can Charge Your iPhone By Jacking Off With Pornhub’s New Wearable Technology Called ‘The Wankband’


Alexa has Pornhub listed as the 75th most popular website in the world, and I'm willing to bet if you're reading this sentence right now you've surfed the hub.


According to Pornhub ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Has A LOT Of Women Searching For BDSM Porn Now


So is this new found interest in BDSM porn by women thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey a good thing, or not.

veronica vain

Veronica Vain’s First Sex Scenes In ‘Screwing Wall Street’ Just Hit The Web


Our old friend Veronica Vain, AKA the Wall Street intern turned porn star, just informed us that a sneak peek of her first porn movie Screwing Wall Street: The ArrangementFinders IPO has hit the web.

picking up chicks

These Guys Tried To Pick Up Girls Using Pornhub Comments As Pick Up Lines


YouTube Have you ever tried to pick up a chick with an aggressive line just to see if it would work.

porn statistics

New Jersey And Boston Watched A WHOLE LOT Of Porn During Winter Storm Juno


People deal with things like the prospect of Death Storm Juno in very different ways.


Pornhub Has Released Its Most Popular Search Terms Of 2014 (And A Whole Lot More)


Mia Khalifa may be the new queen of Pornhub, taking over for Lisa Ann now that she's retired, but what people searched for the most on the site throughout the entirety of 2014 has now been revealed in their annual year in review.

lisa ann pornhub

Lisa Ann Dethroned As Queen Of Pornhub By Newcomer


"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.


Pornhub Released Which Countries Finish Fastest And You’ll Never Guess Who Takes The Longest (Those Commie Bastards)


Did you know that most people in the United States finish masturbating between 9 and 10:60 after they’ve started.


Pornhub Data Finally Tells Us If We Are A Country Of Ass Men Or Boob Men


Jen Selter, Instagram Ass, titties, ass 'n titties.

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