Pornhub Released Which Countries Finish Fastest And You’ll Never Guess Who Takes The Longest (Those Commie Bastards)


Did you know that most people in the United States finish masturbating between 9 and 10:60 after they’ve started.


Pornhub Data Finally Tells Us If We Are A Country Of Ass Men Or Boob Men


Jen Selter, Instagram Ass, titties, ass 'n titties.


These 4 Charts Show The Differences Between How Men And Women Watch Internet Porn


Woman possessing vastly different porn viewing habits than men is probably not the worst thing in the world.


Now These Will Be Some Sick Beat(Offs) — Porn Website Starting Own Record Label


When an artist or brand conquers one aspect of entertainment it's only natural for them to dip their feet into the other pools of possible cash flows.


Every time you ‘drop some seeds’, Pornhub vows to plant a tree


  Pornhub, a website everyone reading is pretending to be unfamiliar with, made on promise this past Arbor Day.

USA Hockey

USA hockey will get free porn if they win today


Brazzers is offering free porn to USA hockey if they can pull off a win today against Canada because America is "land of the free and home of the boner.

Super Bowl pornhub

SHOCKING: Broncos fans turned to porn after Super Bowl blowout


For Broncos fans, the Super Bowl was televised torture---3 hours of fumbling, bumbling and bad tackling.

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