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Can You Guys Believe The Pope Made It Out to the Argentina-Netherlands Match?

How'd he get tickets?

Uh Oh! It Looks Like Someone in the Vatican Has a Cocaine Problem

Gives new meaning to "Upon this Rock."

Mike Francesca Tries to Announce the New Pope, It Doesn’t Go So Well

Just watch. It’s as great as you’d expect. He never does give us a name. 

Dennis Rodman Is Currently at the Vatican, and You Need to See What He’s Wearing

Fresh off his visit to North Korea—and prior to the followup visit, which promises to be the diplomatic event of our lifetime—Dennis Rodman swung through

Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Asks People If They’re Happy with the New Pope—When There Is No Pope

What constantly amazes us about these "Lie Witness Tests" is how quickly the interviewees answer when asked about something completely untrue. No time to process

11 Unlikely First Tweets of the Pope

The Pope finally got a Twitter and with over 400,000 followers, he still hasn’t tweeted anything. THE ANTICIPATION IS LITERALLY KILLING ME!!! Below are the

The Pope Is Finally Getting a Twitter Account

Follow him or spend eternity in hell.