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MGMT’s New Music Video for ‘Alien Days’ May Be the Weirdest You’ll Ever See

We're freaked out. You'll be freaked out. Hey, MGMT, can you super-artistic dudes make another "Time to Pretend," please? Christ.

Rihanna’s New Video for ‘Pour It Up’ Is Pretty, Pretty Risqué

A year after "Pour It Up" was released, Rihanna finally released its utterly ridiculous, borderline NSFW video today. And... Uh, where does Rihanna go from here?

Lady Gaga’s Leaked Single Really Needs to Be Heard to Be Believed

"Aura" begins with spaghetti Western-style guitars ripped straight from Django. Gaga sings about "killing her former friend" and leaving "her in a trunk on Highway

Miley Cyrus Twerks in the Most Ridiculous Music Video of the Year

"We Can't Stop" is kind of like one of Lady Gaga's more batshit efforts, except Miley Cyrus doesn't understand things like "art" or "meaning." It's just

Mayor Michael Bloomberg Saves New York City From Giant Soda Monster

Cinema is rife with society-threatening villains wreaking havoc on New York City. Whether it’s Godzilla, King Kong, or a zombie-making virus, stock footage of Manhattanites