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These Charts Accurately Break Down The Stupid Things That Go Into Each Genre Of Music

"HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY." - background to every rap song ever.

I’m a Bro and I Love Girly Pop. Here are My Reasons.

Not afraid to admit it.

Aaron Carter Got Jumped by New Kids on the Block Fans, According to Incredible TMZ Report

Shaq-beater, candy lover, and new Twitter follower Aaron Carter.... Actually, let's back up a sec. I first need to take the world's saddest humblebrag to

A Bro Dressed as Psy, Crashed All the Sweet Parties at Cannes

Fun fact: If you wear large, comically oversized sunglasses inside, you can pretend to be anyone!

Watch PSY’s Bikini-Popping Follow-Up to ‘Gangnam Style,’ ‘Gentleman’

PSY has this whole pop music thing figured out. "Gangnam Style's" video became the most watched in YouTube history for four simple reasons: It included

Watch a Bro Take a Thesaurus to All The Year’s Biggest Songs

There are seemingly infinite ways to become famous in today’s world. Changing all of the words to the hottest pop songs is just one of

Is That Dubstep I Hear In Taylor Swift’s Latest Single About Loveloss, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’?

Remember when Taylor Swift was considered a country artist? HAHA. The joke is on us now. Swift's third single off her up-coming album "Red" just