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So It Turns Out Michael Jackson Is Poo-Flinging Insane. Literally.

Meaning he threw poo at people.

You’re Not Supposed To Tell People When You Poop? Watch This Video About What You Can’t Do If You’re Not A Toddler

I've been living my life completely wrong.

This Is a Great Story About Threesomes, Poo, Cocaine, the Death of Johnny Cash and Brunch

Synergy, really.

People Won’t Stop Pooping In The Hallways At The EPA

Poop = environmentally friendly compost at some point, right?

Drunk Guy Breaks Into Family’s Home, Poops On The Floor And Somehow Manages To Not Get Arrested

When you gotta go, ya gotta go.

Cop Caught Taping Men Pooping Using a Secret Toilet Cam

And this is why I don't take dumps in public, ladies and gentlemen. Just kidding, I'm a girl so I don't actually poop.

Two People Drown in Pit of Poo Trying to Save Cellphone

To DEATH! Drowned to death in POO!

Dog of the Year Invades Soccer Game, Takes a Dump

It was a banner weekend for animals invading the soccer pitch. First we had a rogue rooster going full Benny […]

Alabama Sorority Girl Shits in Guy’s Bedroom After Not Getting Laid

I guess you could say she was mad as ... shit at him. But fair warning, if you scroll any further you are gonna see

Here’s a Video of a Girl Pooping Into Her Hand Outside a Club

Can't add much to this other than it's from May and I've never seen it before, so you probably haven't either. 

The Exploding Porta Potty Prank Is as Gross (and Funny) as It Sounds

This is how you prank people. 

When Sticking Your Ass on an Electric Fence Goes Wrong…

You wind up with a lot of poo. 

This Kid Discussing His Poo Will Crack You Up

Pretty sure the next time I take a shit I'll find myself saying "That poo will overflow the toilet." It's that catchy. (Video is SFW)

11 Worst Places to Take a Shit

Nobody in their right mind wants to crap their pants so when nature calls, you better hope you can find a

There’s a Dude Pooping in the Background of This Workout Video

Does it make you a cynic—who no longer believes in the power of spontaneity or even humor in the world—if you think this might be

The Poop/Pudding Surprise Prank Will Gross You Out

Who knew chocolate pudding in a diaper could cause such a hysterical reaction. Apparently this video was on "Ridiculousness" recently and it's all the hot

Guy Gives Himself a Tattoo of a Turd, Uploads Picture to Facebook

Sometimes DIY tattoos don't turn out the way you'd expect them to.  Hahahaha. You guys... It's suppose to be a blunt, according to the Facebook thread

You Guys: There’s Another Poop Cruise

Last month, almost to the day, an 893-foot, 4,200-person Carnival cruise ship was towed into the Mobile, Alabama port after a hellish week spent adrift

This Hippo Has Gas Like You Wouldn’t Believe

We're like a month late on tihis and the farting sound is 100% fake but I've never seen anything like this. Makes me

Senior Hockey League Player Poops in Opponent’s Glove After Fight, Achieves Instant Legend Status

Over the past day or so, Zung Nguyen, a 37-year old defenseman in the New England Senior Hockey League, has become an instant legend. That's