Watch A Bunch Of Models Get Pranked Into Spraying ‘Liquid Ass’ Perfume Into Their Faces


There’s nothing quite like seeing a bunch of hot girls spray “liquid ass” perfume into their faces and then do their best to keep a straight face.

butt stuff

There’s Gold In Them There Logs: Experts Say Million Of Dollars In Gold Could Be Found In Human Feces


Experts found more than $13 million in gold and other precious metals sitting idly in the poop from only ONE million Americans.


A Hawk Crashed Through This Bro’s Window, Pooped Everywhere, And I’d Be Pooping Too


Hawk flies through bro's window and poops all over his life.

jimmy fallon

Watch Bill Gates Trick Jimmy Fallon Into Drinking A Glass Of Poop Water


A few weeks ago we posted about how Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had found a way to turn poop water into drinking water.

mark zuckerberg

This Picture Of A Shitfaced Mark Zuckerberg Should Be His New Facebook Profile Photo

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Even though Mark Zuckerberg spends his time being in charge of a multi-million dollar website I’m sure the guy needs to let loose every now and then.

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