Have You Ever Twerked So Hard That You Shat Your Pants? Because This Girl Just Did

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We here at BroBible are a classy bunch who strive to bring our readers the finest in Bro-entertainment, which is why I’m here to give you a gift that you should cherish for the rest of your life.

poop delivery

This Company Will Dump A Steaming Load Of Poop On Your Bitch Of An Ex-Girlfriend’s Doorstep For $13


Remember back in elementary school when someone had a birthday, the party wasn’t an exclusive thing and instead the whole class got invited.


I Accidentally Shit In My Girlfriend’s Bed And Now She Won’t Talk To Me? And How Do I Make Myself Last Longer In Bed?


Welcome to this week’s Ask A Babe, the column where I hope to Christ everything is made up and the points don’t matter.


The Story Of A Woman Who Had Explosive Diarrhea TWICE During A One Night Stand Is The Shittiest Story Of The Day


While there have been many horrible things that have happened to me during my 21 years of life, I can happily say that at least I’ve never shit myself during a one-night stand.


Police On Lookout For The ‘Front Lawn Pooper;’ If You See Him, Bring Toilet Paper


Here's a homeowner's worst nightmare, a guy they're calling the "Front Lawn Pooper," popped a squat right in the front yard of some poor soul's house.


This Little Girl’s Hilarious Song About Poop Is Reason #10,000 To Avoid Having Kids


I though we were done with 'Frozen' forever, but apparently not.

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