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Hey Look, These Dogs Are Swimming in a Water Park!

Yap yap swim. Swim swim yap.

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ Poolside Cabanas Look Pretty Tight

Get wet.

Dudes Pull Off Awesome Bungee Jumping Prank at Bachelor Party

This prank from Norway puts all the so-called pranks we’ve posted over the past few months to shame. At soon-to-be groom was tricked into this

Is This Epic 10-Man Pool Basketball Alley-Oop Better Than The One From Yesterday?

IDK, guys. We have a contender. In case you missed it, watch this one FIRST for comparison. Is this 10-man pool dunk even more BRO-TASTIC?!?!?!?!?!?! 

The Best Pool Dunk of All Time Just Happened on Vine

We are not worthy. H/T: Total Frat Move

German Guy Attempts to Jump Into Pool That Is a SOLID BRICK OF ICE

I think I want to launch a new website called IdiotsCatsAndPorn.com: a one stop shop of everything people seem to love on the Internet. No

Kids with Water Guns Pretend They’re the Bellagio Fountain

Here's a video from a pool care company that will make you miss the super-soaker-packing days of summer. It must have taken some

This Will Be the Most Ridiculously Stupid Video You See All Day

The lengths to which some folks go to get a laugh, or turn their wife on, is disturbing. Actually, I smell a new Internet trend here:

Las Vegas is Slightly More Dirty Than Previously Thought

Love Vegas? Me too. That's why it pained me to learn that one of its main attractions, has also just been uncovered as one of