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Want to Win Your March Madness Pool? Here Are 8 Simple Tips

Some things to consider.

Pool Trick Shot Videos Get Infinitely Better With the Addition of a Sexy Girl

What isn't better with the addition of a hottie?

Couple Makes Pool Trick Shot Video, Must Be So in Love

It’s fairly safe to assume that a couple that makes a pool trick shot together celebrates by making sweet, sweet love on the table. We’ll

Watch a Tremendous Fart Interrupt a Snooker Match

Fart machine or actually from someone's butt? We report, you decide.

This Pool Trick Shot Video Might Actually Make You Respect Billards

A series of the most absurd pool trick shots from around the world. These are the best of the best. The most impressive one definitely being

9 Tips to Help You Win Your March Madness Pool

It’s just sitting there, blank and full of possibilities, open to any permutation your little heart desires. Everyone and their brother fills one out, but your

‘Impossible Pool Trickshots’ Is Easily the Coolest Trickshot Video In a Long, Long Time

I'm so insanely bored with all trick shot videos that I really, really wanted to hate this, but it was impossible. These sharks

The Wildest, Most Insane Mountain Slip’N Slide Stunt You’ll See Today

You know what happens when you engineer and construct a Slip'N Slide ramp down the steep face of a ski slope? AWESOME. That's

How to Jump Into a Pool Chair Like a Boss

Needs more Leisure Diving, but otherwise absolutely perfect. A "10," if you will. Hat tip goes to Guyism. Have a nice weekend.

Budweiser Imagines ‘Poolball,’ a Soccer and Pool Hybrid Drinking Game

Generally speaking, hybrid sports are kinda dumb (slamball or kronum, anyone?). However, this gimmicky mash-up between pool and soccer seems tolerable and maybe even entertaining,