This Politician Probably Didn’t Want Everyone To Find Out He Followed Porn Star Belle Knox On Twitter


Suffolk County Executive, Steve Bellone, recently followed the Duke Porn Star, Belle Knox on Twitter.


Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christie teach us the evolution of Dad Dancing


In honor of Father's Day, Jimmy Fallon and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took to the stage to explain the evolution of Dad Dancing.

the daily show

‘This Is Utter Insanity’: Jon Stewart Blasts Lawmakers For Government Shutdown


Regardless of your politics, the United States government shutting down for the first time in 17 years is a pretty big deal: 700,000-some people aren't getting paychecks for a while, the National Zoo's panda cam is now dark, the gates to national parks are now closed (sucks if you had a trip to Yellowstone planned.

sexting alternatives

10 sexting alternatives for politicians


Sexting may be the preferred choice for politicians to get their perv on, but as Anthony Weiner showed the world, that can seriously backfire.

Vladimir Putin

9 famous people who could kill you with their bare hands

By | 15 Comments

There are a lot of famous people out there who have a reputation for being tough, but the following list is reserved for only those who are not only tough, they are lethal.

state politicians

50 politicians who screwed over their states


You won't believe this, but politicians are not always honest.

William J Graves

8 politicians who killed someone


We love to complain about our political leaders and call them monsters and all that fun stuff, but mostly they are just dweebs in suits hollering back and forth at each other like naughty four year-olds.

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