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The Four Most WTF Politicians of All Time (Aside from Rob Ford)

I don’t get  “political scandals”.  I get that they are an effective tool for the media to wrangle in eyeballs, but that’s about it. It

‘This Is Utter Insanity’: Jon Stewart Blasts Lawmakers For Government Shutdown

Regardless of your politics, the United States government shutting down for the first time in 17 years is a pretty big deal: 700,000-some people aren't

Bored? Watch this Mashup of Politicians Making Awkward Hip-Hop References

Old people trying to sound hip and "with it" is PAINFUL. 

Former Tennessee Politician Arrested For Masturbating Out Car Window While Car Was Moving

This is not a story from The Onion. This is a story about a real-life jerk off artist, a master of the ancient craft. Former