Excited Pittsburgh Cop Gives Excited Pittsburgh Cop Reaction To William Gay’s Pick-Six


  Standing on the sidelines at a Steelers game has to rank pretty high on the cushy jobs list for Pittsburgh police officers.


This Cop Tried – And Failed – To Search This Guy’s Car Because He Claimed Having A Frisbee Proof He Smokes Weed


Police departments have been getting a bum rap in the media lately, and for good reason.

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If Having Sloppy Drunk Sex In The Back Of A Cop Car Makes You A Genius, These Two Are Basically Einstein


If you’ve read any of my posts before, you know that I occasionally enjoy making lists.


Watch This High-Speed Chase Where CHAINSAWS Get Hurled At Police And Be Glad You’re Not A Cop


We’ve gotten to the point in society where high-speed chases are boring.

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Did You Know Police Can Seize Your Property Without Convicting You Of A Crime? Let John Oliver Explain


Police forces around the country have been getting a bum rap lately, and while many officers don’t necessarily deserve the bad press…there’s a lot of shitty officers running around out there.

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Cleveland Police Officer In Trouble For Helping a Bro Do a Beer Bong While Tailgating for a Browns Game

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Of all the things to get upset about in the City of Cleveland, people are wasting their time being outraged by a cop who held a beer bong for a bro who was tailgating for a Browns pre-season game.

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