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World’s Heaviest Pole Dancer Is Kinda the Shit

Yes. Yes she is.

Here’s a GIF of Lindsay Lohan Pole Dancing On Her OWN Show

Last week we showed you two titillating GIFs from Lindsay Lohan's OWN show.

Pole-Dancing Robots are Finally Here


This Hot Chick’s Pole Dancing on ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent’ Will Leave You in Heat

We're just going to go on record and say we love a woman who knows a thing or two about working a pole. 

The 20 Sexiest Fictional Strippers

What is the difference between a stripper and a fictional stripper? Both real strippers and those actresses portraying them on the big screen share similar

Meet Michelle Stanek, The U.S. Pole Dancing Champ

Did you know the U.S. Pole Dance Federation champion was crowned over the weekend? Somehow this monumental event escaped our radar. Please accept our deepest

This ‘Ultimate Pole Dancing Fail Compilation’ Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

And you know what? It's a perfect way to not remedy your hungover Friday whatsoever.

So… Christian Pole Dancing is Real

Well, there's only one way to respond to this: WWJD?