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Watch Poker Player Get Knocked Out of $1,000,000 Buy-In WSOP Tournament In the Worst Way Possible

There's no great way to lose $1 million. But there are several shitty, shitty ways.

Michigan State Bro Wins World Series of Poker

Last night: A big night for bros. I'm not talking about Bill de Blasi-bro or Chris Chay-stie or bros who love casino gambling throughout New York

Poker Pro Gus Hansen Lost $1.5 Million in One Month of Full Tilt Play

Professional poker player Gus Hansen—one of the sport's most recognizable faces—is on a bit of a cold streak. How cold? Since FullTilt.com relaunched 11 months

Poker Player Carter Gill Shares His Drunkest Vegas Story

So I was in Vegas in 2008, freshly 21, with a few thousand to my name. I was staked for live poker, which means that

Legal Real-Cash Poker Is Now Available in the United States

Black Friday—April 15, 2011—is a day which will go down in infamy for the many degenerate gamblers not within driving distance of Vegas, Atlantic City,

Win a $15K Trip for You and 4 of Your Bros to Play in Las Vegas Courtesy of Bovada

Hitting up Sin City during poker’s Main Event was nothing but a pipe dream until we laid eyes on one of the sweetest deals on

ASU Senior Places Third in World Series of Poker Main Event, Wins $3.8 Million

Jake Balsiger probably has a lot of new friends in Tempe today. Vying to become the youngest World Series of Poker champion, the 21-year-old poli-sci

Would You Ever Fold Quad 8s in a Poker Game? This Guy Did

The WSOP's first-ever $1 million dollar buy-in tournament is underway, and there's already been quite a bit of action. 

Sports Links For June 7th: The Crazy Game Of Poker Edition

Prestenting the best in sports from around the web: 25 Under The Radar Sports Hotties [Bleacher Report] OKC Grocery Store Takes Fanhood To The Next Level [Busted

Theo Epstein Plays His Cards Close to His Vest, Extremely Close to His Forehead

Hey, what’s Theo Epstein up to these days, you ask? How’s he assimilating to his new role with the Chicago Cubs? Is he the man

Win a Floating Pool Poker Set in Honor of ‘All In: The Poker Movie’

Poker bros, listen up: This afternoon we have a really brotastic giveaway in honor of 'All In: The Poker Movie,' which will be released digitally

Official Movie Trailer for ‘All In” a Poker Documentary

Little annoyed they didn't interview the legendary Teddy KGB for this documentary about high-stakes poker. Seems inauthentic to leave him out. Another thing

2011 BroBible Holiday Wish List: 16 Items for a Bro’s Man Cave

Figuring out what you want for Christmas or Hanukkah or Festivus or whatever the hell you celebrate is a pain in the ass. Today

Just a Photo of Michael Jordan Gambling with a Fat Stack of Benjamins

This photo is making the rounds this afternoon and has been pinging around the Internet for quite a while, we believe. We're not really sure

Congressman’s Bill Gives Online Poker Breath of Life

This past April, the U.S. government shut down the top three American Poker websites — PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker — under the

FBI Seizes PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker

It's a bad day for people who like onling poker. It's an even worse day for anyone who relies on online poker their primary source

The 7 Acceptable Occasions for a Sausage Fest

‪ ‬Author's Note: Just wanted to make it clear that in many instances below the opportunity to insert your pen*s into a woman may present itself

The 10 Worst Types of People at a Live Poker Table

Hola, BroBiblers. It's your old list hoe DMtShooter, from the mighty mighty Five Tool Tool, a sports blog that's cheap, mean, unfair, tasteless, and biased.