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Nintendo Is FINALLY Making A Pokemon Game Where You Fight AS THE POKEMON

About time.

The Insane Internet Obsession TwitchPlaysPokemon Is Back, But Now With Pokemon X And Y From The 3DS

Annnnd we're stuck in the Pokemon Center. Again.

I Can’t Stop Laughing At Honest Game Trailers’ Breakdown Of The REAL Names The Original 151 Pokemon Should Have

Cloyster = "Haunted Vagina" is sadly accurate.

Someone Redesigned NBA Logos With a Pokémon Theme

I am the wrong person to be posting about this primarily because I don't understand anything about Pokémon.

Why TwitchPlaysPokemon Is the Most Insane Internet Obsession Ever

For those of you whose lives don’t revolve around constantly refreshing your Facebook home page and scrolling through Reddit until […]

Where Are They Now? Pokémon

We all remember Pokémon fever in the 90’s. Whether you traded the cards, played the Gameboy game, watched the TV show,

Why Everything You Learned In Pokemon Alone Should Get You Into College

I’m gonna assume that all of you have played Pokemon at some point. And unless you are some form of extraterrestrial life masquerading as a

Here’s a Hilarious Cartoon of Pikachu on Acid

Slime-monster Muk uses "acid" on Pikachu. It's super-effective.