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Rather Than Calling an Ambulance, Fraternity Brothers Googled ‘Head Injury Symptoms’ While a Pledge Was Dying

Back in December, Baruch College student Chun Hsien “Michael” Deng died as a result of a Pi Delta Psi fraternity […]

Should You Join a Fraternity? A Brochart

Thinking about pledging? COOL! But first, consult this handy-dandy flowchart to see if it's for you...

A Full-Hearted DEFENSE of the Infamous Fraternity ‘Elephant Walk’

"When I returned home for Christmas break after pledge semester my freshman year, many of my boys that I went to high school with had

Another Email Exchange Between A Broken Pledge And His Concerned Mother

Moms worry. It’s what they do. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing sports, driving on long road trips or dating that new chick she’s still

Tulane Kappa Sig Pledges Caught Trying to Steal Every Paper That Reported Drug Bust

Last week, two Tulane Kappa Sigma pledges attempted to steal every single student newspaper that carried the news of their fraternity's recent drug bust. They

5 Silly Initiation Rituals of Famous Sinister Organizations

Pledging is weaksauce, Bro.

22 Northern Illinois Pi Kappa Alpha Members Charged with Hazing Death

A month ago, Northern Illinois student David Bogenberger died of cardiac arrhythmia after being found with a blood alcohol content five times the legal limit.

Quite a Riptide: University of Alabama Administration Cancels Fraternity Pledgeship Indefinitely

In news filed under WOW, the University of Alabama announced earlier today that fraternity pledging will be cancelled for the remainder of the year, effective

‘FRATLINE: The Hazing Barrier’ Is a Satirical Look at What Happens When Pledging Goes Too Far

We all know that the line between pledging and hazing doesn't always seem clear in the moment, and that sh*t can sometimes be taken too

J-Train Wants to Pledge Your Fraternity—Think He Can Hang with You and Your Frat Bros?

Over the past year I've traveled to campuses all across the country, trying to relive the "Frat Experience" of my college days. But after a

The 10 Types of Frat Bros You’ll Meet (and Possibly Become) in College

Despite what practically every college movie ever produced would like you to think, there isn’t just a single breed of Fraternity fellows. There's a robust

Prank Video About ‘Trust Falls’ Hilariously Satirizes Useless Fraternal Tradition

A trust fall is a "yay, we're f*cking friends!" exercise that has somehow become incorportated into the annals of fraternal lore. Back in the glory

Watch Todd Phillips’ Unaired 1998 Documentary ‘Frat House’

Todd Phillips' and and Andrew Gurland's controversial 1998 documentary, "Frat House," recently popped up online in full, which once earned the dubious distinction as “the

Fraternity Glory Days, Part II: The Top Three Celebrity Frat Stars from 27 Fraternities

Editors Note: Back in late October, The PledgeMaster from Pledging Sucks debuted a list of the The Top Three Celebrities of 12 Big Fraternity Houses.

Fraternity Glory Days: The Top Three Celebrities of 12 Big Fraternity Houses

Editors Note: This piece is brought to us by Pledging Sucks and was written by the site's sorcerer, The PledgeMaster. Yes, he's a frat Bro; no,

Top 10 Reasons Why Pledging Sucks

Editors Note: This piece is brought to us by Pledging Sucks and was written by the site's sorcerer, The Pledgemaster. Yes, he's a frat Bro;