creepy sex

Kendra Wilkinson Didn’t Know She Had To Have Sex With Hugh Hefner When She Moved In With Him


Kendra Wilkinson is where all celebrities whose fame has run out go, on I'm A Celebrity.

Sylvi Bodi

Two Playboy Bunnies Dressed Up Like Sexy Mermaids And Went Surfing In Bali


If you had to find one fault with surf videos it would be the lack of equal representation between the two sexes.

Top Party Schools 2014

Guess Which School Was Named The ‘Top Party School’ Of 2014?


Everyone thinks their school parties the hardest but which school topped Playboy's list of the top party schools of 2014.


Oh HELL no…Kris Jenner has been talking to Playboy?


Get ready for your genitals to crawl up inside your body.

stunts gone wrong

Guy Tries to Hit Golf Ball Out of a Model’s Ass Crack at Playboy Golf Event, Doesn’t Go So Well


Liz Dickson, the model in the photo above with a golf tee protruding from her asshole, is suing Playboy and a radio host for $500,000 from this golf stunt gone wrong incident.


Nude Model Sues Playboy After Stunt Where Golf Tee Was Placed in Her Butt Goes Horribly Wrong


Model Liz Dickson is seeking $500,000 in damages from Playboy and a radio host after the host teed a shot off her butt.

Yasiel Puig

Apparently Yasel Puig Banged Bai Ling at the Playboy Mansion This Summer


Yasiel Puig is the fiery, Latino star of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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