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7 People Who Had Surgery to Look Like a Celebrity

People. Be. Crazy.

Plastic Surgeon Dad Gives His Daughters Boob Jobs, Uses Them As Walking Ads for Clinic

The holidays are near, and you may soon be reuniting with your family. I doubt you're as close as the Niccoles. California's Michael Niccole is a renowned plastic

Chinese Man’s New Nose Came From His Forehead

Let's have a thought excerise. Say you lost your nose in an accident and a couple of doctors and/or scientists said they could grow you a

Man Divorces and Sues His Wife for Being Ugly. Man Wins!

Justice hath been served. 

Man Has Been Getting Plastic Surgery Since 1995 to Look More Like Superman

While most people concede to the fact that they'll never become their childhood hero, 35-year-old Herbert Chavez refuses to accept that. Going back as far