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Society, Please Don’t Let This Be The Next Dumb Viral Fad For People To Do At Walmart


There's been some pretty fucking stupid fads that have gone viral on the internet over the past couple years including planking (That shit was straight-up corny), owling (What a fucking waste of time), coning (I kinda liked that one), car surfing (What a dumb way to die) and Batmanning (I hope all the blood goes to your head and you pass out and fall), so this video seems to really fit the profile of an idiotic fad.

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Move Over Everything Else Ever, ‘Milking’ is the New Internet Craze


The concept is simple: buy a quart, gallon, or pint of milk, take it to a public place or anywhere at all, and pour it over your own head while a camera-wielding friend captures the moment your parents will forever refer to as "the time we decided to finally throw in the towel.

Video games

This guy spent his entire E3 yelling about stuff


Yesterday I listed all the reasons why E3 2012 was so abysmal, and figured that I all my bases had been covered.


Jeremy Lin Is a Planking Machine


Forunately, the world has collectively moved on from planking.


Introducing ‘Tebowing,’ the Latest Moronic Fad to Hit the Internet


It looks as if the 99% have found another way to "occupy" their time.

Playboy Mansion

Is Hugh Hefner Planking or Dead?


Is this what the Playboy Mansion has come to.

tom green

PSA: Tom Green Was Planking Back in 1994


Hey idiots: Planking is *so* Clinton administration.


The 50 Best Pictures of Famous Athletes Planking


Chalk planking up as another trend invented by hipsters, or some other band of retards, that athletes have decided to takeover.


CFL Planking Celebration by Blue Bombers


You know what they say (and by "they," I mean, "no one"): A trend isn't really a trend until the CFL embraces it.


Planker Gets Pushed Off a Bridge


Because sometimes telling your friend how you really feel about his new hobby doesn't quite get your point across.

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