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This Badass Video About Navy F-18 Fighter Pilots Will Give You A Raging Freedom Boner

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My fighter pilot buddy sent me this video for the 2014 Navy Hornet Ball the other evening and this morning I finally got around to watching it.

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Save This Incredible Fighter Jet Footage For Later So You Can Watch It When You’re Stoned


Hell, even watching it sober it's still blowing me away, so maybe just watch it whenever you want.

stupid people

Watch These Stupid People Try To Get A Pilot’s Attention In The Dumbest Way After Missing Their Flight


Have you ever seen someone doing something so infuriatingly stupid that you almost sorta wanna go on a murderous rampage.


Brazzers Has A Special Message For The Air Canada Pilots Who Can’t Stop Jerkin’ It Mid-Flight


Last week we brought you the story about how the pilots for Air Canada can’t stop masturbating to violent murder porn while flying planes.


Jetblue Flight 1416 Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Failure–Passengers Take Video And Selfies


Jetblue Flight 1416 took off from Long Beach Airport yesterday morning en route to Austin, Texas and shortly after takeoff all hell broke loose.


This Is What It Looks Like When A Military Jet Crashes Into The Ground And Explodes


Can you imagine how fucking horrifying this is if you're actually there to see it first person.


Skywriting plane gets unexpected visitor


This video didn't end the way I thought it would.

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