A Pilot Drew A Penis On Flight Radar While Flying A Private Plane Because Of Course He Did


We've seen penises drawn on news reports, penises drawn by Nike+ mapping, and penises drawn on football fields in the snow, but this is the first time we've ever seen a penis drawn in the sky on radar by an airplane.


This Girl’s Snoring Sounds Exactly Like A WWI Fighter Plane, So This Bro Made The PERFECT Video


I sincerely doubt that this girl is happy about becoming famous due to her snoring, but her we are.


A Mexican Pilot Got Fired After Letting This Hot Singer And Her Friend FLY The Plane From Cancun To Mexico City


I vaguely recall reading somewhere that the only things pilots have to do while sitting in the cockpit is not fuck anything up, land the plane and make it take off.


Are You Flying Home For The Holidays? This Story About A Plane Falling Apart In Mid-Air Will Make You Shit Bricks


Flying is already a horrifying experience for those of us who imagine the plane we're on exploding into a giant ball of fire while attempting to take off, but all those fears are usually put to rest once in the air.

navy bros

This Badass Video About Navy F-18 Fighter Pilots Will Give You A Raging Freedom Boner

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My fighter pilot buddy sent me this video for the 2014 Navy Hornet Ball the other evening and this morning I finally got around to watching it.

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Save This Incredible Fighter Jet Footage For Later So You Can Watch It When You’re Stoned


Hell, even watching it sober it's still blowing me away, so maybe just watch it whenever you want.

stupid people

Watch These Stupid People Try To Get A Pilot’s Attention In The Dumbest Way After Missing Their Flight


Have you ever seen someone doing something so infuriatingly stupid that you almost sorta wanna go on a murderous rampage.


Brazzers Has A Special Message For The Air Canada Pilots Who Can’t Stop Jerkin’ It Mid-Flight


Last week we brought you the story about how the pilots for Air Canada can’t stop masturbating to violent murder porn while flying planes.

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