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Watch This F-16 Nearly Decapitate A Crowd Of People From Flying WAY Too Low

And yet somehow 0 fucks are given.

Watch This Guy Put ‘Game of Thrones” Mountain To Shame By Pulling A Boeing 777 Over 40 Feet

There's a good chance he poo'd himself in the process.

Oh, Hell No! Airplane’s Wing Snaps Off Mid-Flight (Pic)

the words 'wing' and 'dangling' do not go together.

Your Daily Reminder That Air Travel Is The Worst: Lion King, The Musical Edition

You know what this flight needs? Carolers.

This Sideways Plane Landing May Cause You to Never Fly Again

So apparently this is a "thing" in England: Insane cross-winds cause airplanes to nearly land sideways. It happened to an Emirates jet in Birmingham. And, in perhaps an even

Large Plane Attempts to Land, Has Second Thoughts

Here’s your daily reminder that commercial airline travel is a miracle and we should all kiss the ground any time we land someplace safely. 

The FAA FINALLY Says You Can Keep Your Phone On During Takeoff and Landing

Good news for Bros who like to travel... The FAA just announced that passengers are allowed to use electronic devices during all phases of flight,

Idiotic Woman Refuses to Turn off Phone, Is Taken Off Plane With Force

We’ve all been on a plane where someone was a dick about shutting off their phone. This woman, however, is worse than all of the

The 8 Most Annoying People on Your Flight

Nothing highlights the complete awfulness of other human beings like being confined in a small, inescapable place with them. Like a foxhole. Or an airplane.

Watch a Woman Dodge a Plane by Two Feet

Have you discovered the YouTube/LiveLeak dichotomy yet? The one that says, if you watch a video on YouTube about, say, a woman standing in the

This Picture of Drunk Dude Taped to His Seat on a Flight from Iceland to New York Is Priceless

Getting hammered on a flight is fun. But this? Woah, Bro... 

Extremely Bizarre Commercial Shows Egyptian Dude Shooting Down a Plane With a Slingshot

They sell energy bars differently in Egypt, huh?

Mitt Romney Thinks It’d be Neat if You Could Open Up Plane Windows

Who doesn’t want to pop those suckers open when you’re flying at 38,000 feet, the temperature outside is -100 degrees and the cabin is too

This Video of a Low Flying F/A-18 Hornet Is Badass

This HD video of a low flying F/A-18 Hornet is so badass. Mad respect to pilot in the cockpit maneuvering this $50 million mechanical bird. 

Miami Dolphins Team Plane Suffers a Few Hard Knocks

Could have been worse. Could have been much, much worse.

Meet Bruce Campbell, A Dude Who Lives in a 727

Bruce Campbell calls himself a 62-year-old nerd, but would a nerd do something as badass as live in a repurposed 727 passenger jet? OK, maybe

Departing Plane Blows Girl Into Wall

Apparently the hot thing to do around Princess Juliana International Airport in Saint Maarten is to, um, get blown by the departing aircraft.