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This Tim Tebow Plane is So Sad

A tremendously sad group of Jacksonville Jaguars fans are trying -- for some reason -- to stage a campaign for the team to sign Tim

Fiery 747 Cargo Plane Crash in Afghanistan Captured on Camera

Yesterday, a Boeing 747 crashed shortly after takeoff from Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan. All seven civilian crew members were killed. The Taliban initially claimed

VIDEO: The Last Flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavour Captured from a JetBlue Flight

Yesterday the lucky passengers on JetBlue's Flight 582 from Ft. Laurderdale, Florida, to White Plains, New York, had quite a treat on the flight north.

New England JetBlue Employees/Patriots Fans Rub Salt in the Wounds of the Jets’ jet

It's a quiet day in the BroBible office after the Jets humiliating loss to the Patriots last night. Of course, since I'm not from the

Here’s a Video of 24-term Michigan Congressman John Conyers Caught Reading a Playb*y on a Plane

He's not reading it for the articles, either. More details at Playboy's own Smoking Jacket blog. Despite your political tilt, it's hard to deny the