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If You Have Amazon Prime, Never Worry About Unwanted Pregnancies Again

2014, everybody.

What Do Girls Feel More Shame Over Buying? McDonald’s or Plan B?

That's the subject this video -- which was made by a female, we should note -- tries to explore. She tells us: "I carry Plan B with less

The Dominican Republic Has the Greatest Name for Plan-B EVER

My friend just came back from the Dominican Republic and while she was there she took the photo above. After-D. That is what Plan B

Bro Proposes 4 New Marketing Tactics for Plan B

There’s a reason pencils have erasers and it’s the same reason there’s a market for morning-after pills. As a country, we’ve

The Bro’s Guide to Plan B Etiquette

Bleak, unforgiving sunlight trickles through your blinds and your mouth tastes like you ate a burrito stuffed with cigarettes. There’s a naked biddie asleep in

Explaining the Science Behind ‘Plan B’ Emergency Contraception

Because no one really reads books anymore unless they're about flying werewolfs or underwater vampires, here's a video about what happens when a condom breaks.

Should a Bro Make His Relationship ‘Facebook Official’, Plus Our First Question By a Guy on Acid

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