Radio Station Asks To Spread Grandma’s Ashes At Dominos, World’s Friendliest Employee Is Totally Cool With It


A kooky radio station decided to channel its inner Jackass and ask for permission to spread ashes near the counter of a Dominos.


Jennifer Lawrence And Some Hollywood Bro Ordered Pizza Delivery TWICE In Five Hours


This gossip item in the New York Daily News is so stupid that I had to blog about it.

doritos pizza

Pizza Hut Pizzas In Australia Now Come With A Doritos Crust And Want, Want, Want

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It's like there's a listening device inside your head that Doritos activates when you spark up.


Ever Wonder Why Pizza Tastes So Frickin’ Fantastic? Here’s Why…


It's Friday, which means OMG OMG OMG OMG PIZZA DAY.

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