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Domino’s Now Has a Pizza That Uses Fried Chicken Instead of Dough

Yes, you read that right.

This Woman Using Pizza As a Pillow is My Spirit Animal

Ultimate comfort.

This Delicious Pizza Is Laced with Weed

It's pizza that makes you hungry... for more pizza.

The Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Pizza, as Told By a Pizza

Hands down the best food on the planet, right? You have no idea how badly I want pizza right now.

Pizza Stone-Wielding Man ‘Delivers’ Devastating Blow to Friend’s Face, Yells ‘DiGorno Bitch’

It's not delivery, it's a delivery of pain.

Oregon Couple (Amazingly, Not on Meth) Uses Homemade Moonshie to Set Fire to Pizzeria That Kicked Them Out

Score one for the alcohol is the worst drug crowd.

The Oscars Pizza Man is the Hero We Need Right Now

This guy.

Dominos Apologizes to Man Who Burned His Dick While Having Sex with Pizza

You're the social media editor of a major international pizza chain and a man is tweeting at you to claim he just had sex with

Laziest or Best Pizza Delivery Man Chucks Pizza Up Three Stories in the Air to Waiting Customer

I don’t know how I feel about the below video. On the one hand, if I was the resident, I [...]

Explosion of Pizza Dough Inside Recycling Bin Looks Way More Awesome Than It Sounds

Papa John’s is investigating an insane explosion behind one of its location in the UK. Papa John’s in the UK? [...]

Golfer John Daly Will Be Making Pizza At Your Local Course

Professional golfer and lovable everyman John Daly is getting into the pizza business. The pizza looks decent but the company slogan is atrocious.

Well, Here’s the First Video from Macaulay Culkin’s Pizza-Themed Band

Macaulay Culkin and four friends have been in a band called the Pizza Underground for two years now. The band covers Lou Reed and

22 Reasons Pizza Really Is Like Sex

When it's really good, you can't control the noises you make. 

Are You Ready For Your Pizza to be Chipotle-fied?

You love Chipotle, I love Chipotle. It's okay. The fast-casual chain revolutionized fast-casual food, which may not have even been a thing before Chipotle existed. 

Bro Does a ‘Pizza Cleanse,’ Eats Nothing But Pizza for Five Straight Days

Thrillist's Andy Kryza hates vegetables. So he decided to create something called "The Pizza Cleanse" and eat nothing but pizza for five days in a

This Drunk Bro Delicately Balancing His Pizza Is the Most Harrowing Video You’ll See Today

A man. His pizza. A bottle of ranch dressing waiting for them both at home. 

This Epic 1,360 Calorie ‘Pizzaburger’ Is a Bacon Cheeseburger Wrapped In a Pepperoni Pizza Slice

America, meet a pizzaburger that's 1,360 calories and has 2,000 milligrams of sodium. OMG OMG OMG I MUST HAVE IT. 

Boston’s Restaurant and Sports Bar created

The ‘Megaburgerpizza’ Might Be the Most Amazing Stoner Munchie of All Time

It's a burger AND a pizza. Only in Japan... The 2.65-pound Megaburgerpizza is a bunch of beef patties sandwiched between two 11-inch pizzas. In otherwords, a

These ‘10 Incredible Food Life Hacks’ Will Really Up Your Kitchen Game

The human struggle that is opening a tightly-sealed jar will cease to be a problem. That, and much more. The mysteries of the kitchen, #hacked. 

The 33 Best Pizzas In America

Like sex, even when pizza's bad, it's still pretty amazing. The Bros at Thrillist ranked the best pizza spots in the country. 

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade Went Drinking, Ate Pizza With Drake

OK, so Drake wasn’t allowed in the Miami Heat locker room after they won the championship last night. Scandalous. But perhaps less scandalous

Imagine a World Where Domino’s Uses Drones to Deliver Your Pizza

Can't wait to live in a world that looks like a scene from Minority Report, complete with UAV's swarming above my neighborhood with food delivery

Pizza Delivery Dude Busted, Caught on Camera Eating Toppings off a Customer’s Pizza

Up in arms, but do we really think this is an isolated incident, only privy to Russia? We really think that severely underpaid, curly haired

PIzza Hut’s New Crunchy-Stuffed Crust Pizza Sounds Insane

Sounds like the ultimate drunk food. Your move, Papa John's.... 

Wichita State Students Will Drown in Free Pizza Hut if the Shockers Win NCAA Tournament

If Wichita State somehow navigates through two more victories, they’ll cap off one of the most unpredictable championships in sports history and assure everyone’s bracket

Pizza Hut Has Made a Perfume That Smells Like Pizza Dough

I can think of no better way to attract women with more to love, if you know what I mean. This idea can’t miss.

If You Don’t Tip the Pizza Guy, He’ll Piss All Over Your Door

Do not mess with pizza delivery guys. They don’t take rejection well.

Pizza Delivery Man Punched By Fatso for Forgetting Garlic Knots

Florida or Ohio?

Family Fulfills Man’s Dying Wish to Leave $500 Tip on a Pizza Order

Aaron Collins, an honest-to-goodness Bro from Kentucky, died earlier this month. One of his wishes on his death bed was to leave a

Bro Breakdowns: The Late Night Food Bro

We're reviving our "Bro Breakdowns" series, now bigger and badder than ever before. This time around, we'll be exploring the deepest and darkest depths of

Brace Yourselves: Pizza Vending Machines are Coming

This is either the world's worst idea of all-time, or the greatest invention in human history.

Get ready for Let's Pizza, a pizza vending machine that

Meet the Woman Who Has Eaten Nothing But Cheese Pizza for 31 Years

Not too long ago, we brought you the bizarre tale of a British girl who only ate chicken nuggets. She's apparently not the

New York Pizza Goes Giant Blue, Bar Changes Name to ‘Manning’s’ for Super Bowl

Diehard fans may bleed their teams' colors, but out on Long Island, Giants fans can literally ingest the Super Bowl squad's Red, White and Blue.