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Would You Be Pissed If Pizza Hut Referred To You As A ‘Pink Fat Lady’ On A Receipt? Because This Pink Fat Lady Was


Some people are so friggin’ sensitive it’s a wonder that they don’t spend their entire lives crying in a dark closet about how mean and unfair the world is.

Ultimate Hershey's Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cookie Pizza from Pizza Hut slaps Domino’s right in the face


Pizza Hut unveils a new Cookie Pizza just as Domino's is bragging about how theirs was a failure.

Pizza Hut

Here’s a heartwarming story about free Pizza Hut for a year


True story: free pizza for a year is about the greatest gift anyone could receive.


Pizza Hut employee peeing in the sink will make you throw out your Stuffed Crust pizza


I'm not saying that I expected Pizza Hut workers to be the classiest folks but I'd like to believe they don't pee in the kitchens they work.

pizza keyboard

Pizza Keyboard is the latest culinary masterpiece


Pizza Hut created a custom keyboard out of dipping cups to remind you that they have a dozen different dipping sauces no one uses.


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Why read a whole bunch of posts.

pizza hut cheese bowls

Pizza Hut offers bowls of cheese with pizza


Pizza Hut could have picked a better name for their new item, the "Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza.

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