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West Virginia Pizza Hut Employee Caught on Camera Urinating In a Sink, In a Pizza Hut Kitchen and That’s Kind of Gross

Who hasn’t pissed in a sink before, AMIRIGHT? One time — IT WAS MY SENIOR PROM, YOU GUYS — my […]

PIzza Hut’s New Crunchy-Stuffed Crust Pizza Sounds Insane

Sounds like the ultimate drunk food. Your move, Papa John's.... 

Wichita State Students Will Drown in Free Pizza Hut if the Shockers Win NCAA Tournament

If Wichita State somehow navigates through two more victories, they’ll cap off one of the most unpredictable championships in sports history and assure everyone’s bracket

Pizza Hut Develops Pizza Within a Pizza, Because You Were Good to Santa This Year

If any among you thought we had reached the pinnacle of food technology with the cheeseburger crust pizza, do me a favor and punch yourself

Pizza Hut Has Made a Perfume That Smells Like Pizza Dough

I can think of no better way to attract women with more to love, if you know what I mean. This idea can’t miss.

A Guy Successfully Used 20-Year-Old Ninja Turtles Pizza Hut Coupons

There are a few things to quibble about in this video, mainly dealing with the guy who pulls off the stunt—he claims to be decked

Pizza Hut Comes Out with Cone-Crusted Pizza Stuffed with Cream Cheese, Because Hedonism

In a move that makes the Pizza Hut front office either the greatest or stupidest fast-food pioneers in world history, we have a pie with