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Pittsburgh Restaurant Pretending To Be a Burger King — Isn’t That Treason?

All that glitters isn’t gold and all that pretends to be fast food isn’t the real deal. Especially this shady […]

Enterprising McDonald’s Employee Arrested for Selling Heroin Out of Drive-Thru

A Pittsburgh man is accused of using his day job to ...  sell heroin (sorry, I thought I had a pun there, but it didn't

This Is What It Sounds Like When an NHL Player Breaks All His Teeth

Late last night I posted a video of Pascal Dupuis pulling his teeth out of his mouth after catching a high-stick from his teammate. Zero fucks

Pittsburgh Police Officer Tasers a Guy Partying on St. Paddy’s Day for No Reason

Are cops supposed to pull out their tasers to intimidate people when there is no direct threat on safety? Seems like this cop has anger

Man Currently Holding Another Man Hostage in Pittsburgh Was Updating His Facebook Page

According to reports, 22-year-old Klein Michael Thaxton of Pittsburgh Pa., has taken a man hostage on the 16th floor of Three Gateway Center claiming to have

Pitt Signs Kicker With Worst Possible Name for Kicker

It’s Chris Blewitt. I can’t fathom the pressure on this guy just because of his name. Pitt fans should prepare themselves for many years of

At the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Sh*t Happens

Finally, a newspaper that gets me and the way I like to relax. Beautiful woman on a beautiful beach? Check. Free reign to soil myself