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5 Things I Learned Working With Somali Pirates

Over the past few years, Somali pirates have hijacked a boat full of Ukranian tanks, extorted billions of dollars from the shipping industry, and appeared

Bill Belichick Dressed Like a Pirate, Smiled

This is perhaps the first known picture of New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick smiling. All it took was a hilarious pirate costume and standing

Check Out These Pirates Bros Just Bro’ing the Bro Out

When the record books are written, the 2012-13 season might just go down as the Year of the Fan Bro. Thanks to HD cameras, slow-motion

5 Ways Pirates Were Way More Modern Than You Realize

Pirates were surprisingly ahead of their era... 

Here’s the Best Pirate-Themed Prank You’ll Ever See Pulled Off

This is a pretty classic prank. These Bros filled an old treasure chest with $100 worth of that chocolate that looks like gold coins, drove

Blind Veteran Jeremy Feldbusch Throws First Pitch Strike

It’s hard for the average person to go out and throw a strike from the mound. You see proof of that before almost

Pirate Archaeologists Have Found Captain Morgan’s Ship and Booty off the Coast of Panama

An underwater archaeology team from Texas State University has discovered a 17th-century shipwreck off the coast of Panama. The ship's owner is believed

Don’t Get Too Excited About This Video of a Man Punching Another Man in the Face at a Pirates Game

Is this the best bleacher fight of the week? Not at all. But hey, how about them Pittsburgh Pirates at the tippy-top of