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Did Pippa Middleton Fake Her Fantastic Ass?

Don't believe the hype.

VIDEO: Wedding Planners and Cancelers In This Week’s Hottie Index, Presented by Jenn Sterger

Despite having to put up with all the BroBible writers for another week, Jenn Sterger is back to deliver another edition of The Hottie Index.

Obama Talks Osama, Canada’s Open-Air Urinals, and Job Interview Tips

  Here are your Morning Headlines:   Awesome: Canada introduces an open-air urinal because free health care and pissing in the breeze (legally) is what they do. [National

Always a Bridesmaid in This Week’s Hottie Index

   5. Pippa Middleton When the hottest broad at a wedding isn’t the bride herself, that’s not necessarily a good thing. When it’s the wedding watched by