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This Pinterest User Is Attributing Hitler Quotes to Taylor Swift, and It’s Brilliant

What do you get when you combine young girls' fanatical devotion to the Queen of Schmaltz—Taylor Swift—with easily misattributed quotes on the Internet? The Pinterest

Sammy Sosa’s Pinterest Page is Amazing

Sammy Sosa wasn’t elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday. That’s got to be disappointing to a man who amassed 609 career home runs.

Do Smarter Guys Have a Harder Time Getting Laid? Plus Why You Shouldn’t Be Friends With Your Ex

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Britney Spears Actually Looks Pretty Hot Again

Britney Spears went on Pinterest yesterday to post this pic, which is why 99% of our readership probably missed it.

Follow BroBible on Pinterest and Google +

Yep: BroBible is stepping up its social media game and officially on Pinterest. Go follow us! It's filled with awesome stuff for dudes, be it

5 Common Red Flags from a Girl’s Pintrest Page

She might say she isn’t looking for anything serious, but her Pintrest board(s) tells a different story. Here she has detailed every phase of her