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Here’s Bubba Watson Playing Ping Pong With His Driver


This Kickstarter Ping Pong Table with Glass Walls Is a Beer Pong Gamechanger

This is one of those remarkably simple inventions you see and think to yourself, "damn, why didn't I think of that first?" Allow us to draw

The Best Table Tennis Shots of 2012

Oh, what? You thought table tennis was boring and didn't warrant a yearly "best of" highlight reel? Psssshhhh... Think again.

Armless Ping Pong Player is Flat-Out Incredible

Holy crap, this is impressive.

Ever Want to Beat Celebrities At Ping Pong? Finally, Here’s Your Chance

Don't mess this one up. Plus, you'd be doing it for a good cause. 

Check Out This Amazing Table Tennis Shot from the Paralympics

Here's your inspiring video of the day: David Wetherill is a disabled ping pong player. He also could kick your ass on the court. 

This 9-Year-Old is a Beer Pong Champ in Training

Here's video of a nine-year-old kid showing up his best ping-pong trick shots that will immediately want you to take him as a beer pong