grandma loves ping pong

This Guy May Have Killed His Grandma While Playing Ping Pong

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Nico Anderson uploaded a Vine titled, "grandma loves ping pong.

trick shots

Dude Perfect Is Back At It Again, This Time With Mind-Blowing Ping Pong Ball Trick Shots


First off, do the guys at Dude Perfect have the greatest jobs of anyone on the planet.

Table Tennis

Bro Terrible At Ping Pong Plays Every Day For A Year And Watch How SICK He Is Now


Yeah, I know, practice makes perfect but that usually applies only when you've got a little talent at something.

ping pong hottie

Soo Yeon Lee Is Probably The Sexiest Table Tennis Champion In The World


I say that Soo Yeon Lee is "probably" the sexiest table tennis champion in the world only because I don't know any other table tennis champions.

ping pong

This Armless Ping Pong Player is Fucking Incredible


I had two immediate thoughts while watching this.

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