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Real-Life Pimp Dennis Hof From HBOs ‘CatHouse’ Explains All The Rules The Girls Need To Follow At The BunnyRanch Brothel


Editor's Note: Don't lie, you've watched The Cathouse on HBO at 1 AM at least once in your life.


This 7-Year-Old Was Told To Draw What He’d Look Like In 100 Years, So He Drew Himself As A Pimp


Now I'm clearly not a parent and hopefully will never be one (no really, I would just spawn Satan children and I'm not mentally equipped to deal with that), but if my kids ever came home with a self-portrait of them as a pimp in 100 years I'd be proud as hell.


Pimp Sues Nike After Curbstomping John For Non-Payment


An Oregon pimp is suing Nike for $100 million after beating a man for failing to warn him that their shoes could be used as weapons.


On My Last Night in Jamaica, the Hooker Had Mace


[inline:1]Editor's Note: Yesterday we asked you to submit your crazy stories from Spring Break or your college's big spring party.

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