UW Pike Defends Two Women From Assault, Receives Multiple Stab Wounds, Is A Goddamn Hero


The University of Washington Pike Chapter has released a plea for your thoughts and prayers, as well as commending one of their brothers, Graham Harper, on his heroism.

college parties

University Of Arizona PIKE’s 2014 Volcano Party Makes Us Regret We Didn’t Go To School There


I have to say, it's good to post something positive about my fraternity for once.


Schoolboy Q Played a Frat Party at USC PIKE’s House


Not sure how we missed this, but apparently a couple weeks ago Schoolboy Q made an appearance at a USC PIKE house fraternity party.

University of Arizona

Boobs, Bouncy Slides and Booze: University of Arizona’s PIKEs 2013 Volcano Party Looks Fun


We recently ranked PIKEs yearly Volcano Soirée at the University of Arizona as one of the Best Fraternity Parties in the country.


A Bunch of PIKEs at Arizona State University Kicked a Sig Ep’s Ass, Leaving Him Hospitalized


Today in PIKEs doing PIKE things: A Sigma Phi Epsilon brother at Arizona State University is currently in the hospital after being allegedly attacked in an elevator by Pi Kappa Alpha brothers.


The alleged butt-chugger’s press conference was hilarious


The alleged butt-chugger is back in the news, and he vehemently denies all allegations.

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Pike fraternity member hospitalized after alcohol enema


Proving that alcohol enemas aren't a myth, a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at University of Tennessee was taken to the hospital with an over.

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