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Pi Kappa Phi Kid Posts Pathetic Hookup Request On Craigslist

I'm getting sad just looking at it.

Schoolboy Q Played a Frat Party at USC PIKE’s House

Not sure how we missed this, but apparently a couple weeks ago Schoolboy Q made an appearance at a USC PIKE house fraternity party.

Pike Dream Girl at the University of Arizona Tattooed the Fraternity’s Letters on the Inside of Her Lip (UPDATE)

Pikes bein' Pikes.

Hot College Girls EVERYWHERE at USC’s Pikes of the Caribbean Party

Damnit, USC... These party videos. Every day it's another one from a signature party, bigger and better than the one before it. The most recent

Boobs, Bouncy Slides and Booze: University of Arizona’s PIKEs 2013 Volcano Party Looks Fun

We recently ranked PIKEs yearly Volcano Soirée at the University of Arizona as one of the Best Fraternity Parties in the country. After watching this year's video,

A Bunch of PIKEs at Arizona State University Kicked a Sig Ep’s Ass, Leaving Him Hospitalized

Today in PIKEs doing PIKE things: A Sigma Phi Epsilon brother at Arizona State University is currently in the hospital after being allegedly attacked in an