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Chapman University ‘Pikes of the Caribbean’ Party Will Make You Ask ‘Who the Fuck Paid For This Thing?’

I don’t know what my Pike chapter was doing wrong, but we never had the kind of cash it takes […]

University of Miami Pikes’ New House Looks 500,000 Times Better Than Their Old House

How do I know that this house is a vast improvement from the slum that the Pikes of UMiami were previously relegated to? Well, because

22 Northern Illinois Pi Kappa Alpha Members Charged with Hazing Death

A month ago, Northern Illinois student David Bogenberger died of cardiac arrhythmia after being found with a blood alcohol content five times the legal limit.

Butt Chugging Tennessee Fraternity Holds Ridiculous Press Conference to Deny Claims of Butt Chuggery

Oh, this is SENSATIONAL. In a "I can't believe this video isn't a parody...Wait, I think this is a parody...Holy shit, this really ISN'T a