Lindsay Lohan Is FINALLY Getting Better At Photoshop, But You Can Still See Where She Edited Her Newest Photo


I genuinely like Lindsay Lohan and have been pulling for her to make a comeback for years now, but unfortunately it looks like she’s been putting her efforts into learning how to Photoshop her Instagram photos rather than becoming a better actress.


Photoshop Wizard Creates Epic Tinder Profile—Still Can’t Get Laid


Sometimes even being a Photoshop wizard isn't enough to get you laid on Tinder.


These Photos Of Beyonce BEFORE Photo Retouching Show That Queen Bey Isn’t Actually ‘Flawless’ In Real Life

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Beyonce is frequently referenced as the epitome of perfection; a person who can do no wrong, say nothing stupid and look immaculate no matter what time of day it is.

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Justin Bieber’s Photoshopped Calvin Klein Photo Shoot In Reverse Shows That Justin Bieber Literally Looks Like Shit


I don’t know how I did it, but somehow I managed to completely ignore the shitstorm surrounding Justin Bieber’s photoshopped Calvin Klein ad and continue with my life in an ignorant bliss, not knowing that people were obsessing over how big Justin Bieber’s dick may or may not be.


The 13 Most WTF Professional Photoshop Fails That Actually Happened


There are reasons why big fancy websites and magazines hire graphic designers who went to prestigious schools for 4 years to hone their computer-art craft rather than your average Bob who downloaded Photoshop and decided to start clicking around one day.


This Student Disappeared, Photoshopped Herself Taking a 5-Week Vacation, And Fooled Damn Near Everyone


Have you ever spotted a photo on Facebook of a person in some remote part of the world and thought "I swore I just saw her at the gym this morning.


The Time Is NOW, ‘My Little Pony’ Cosplay Needs To Be Stopped Forever


Do you want to live in a world where fans of inexplicable cartoons based on rainbow horseys dress up like gang members and pose for photos.

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