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Seriously, What’s Wrong With a Little Photoshop?

It makes hot girls hotter.

20 Viral Images Made Utterly Filthy by Censorship

Ah, the magic of Photoshop. Thank you for giving us Jimmy Carter flipping the bird.

Has This Dinosaur Wedding Photoshop Changed the Dinosaur Wedding Photoshop Game?

In May, the wedding photography game irrevocably changed. 

Watch a Model Be Totally Transformed with Adobe Photoshop

What will ultimately replace humans? The Matrix's robots? Skynet? Alllliiiiens? How 'bout Photoshop!

TIME Magazine’s Cover About Millennials, Fixed

Kotaku video editor Chris Person fixes that Time Magazine cover about millennials with a much, much, much more accurate cover. Excuse me while I update my Twitter

Guy Seamlessly Photoshops Celebrities Into His 2011 Holiday Party Photos

At first glance, Everetthriller's (Imgur user name) holiday party 2011 looks like an underground celebrity bash. Everyone from Brad Pitt to David Beckham is in attendance. Now

ESPN Imagines if Michael Vick Were White (Update) (Update#2)

...and this is the digital drawing of what the World Wide Leader thinks that would look like. The writer of the piece, Touré, just tweeted

WTF is Ken Jeong Doing in the Background of this Kate Upton Photo for GQ?

The summer of Everthing Upton keeps rolling along on the Internet, this time with a new pictorial in that already scortching August Issue of

Fun with Photoshop: Re-Imagining Mark Cuban’s Rugby House Elephant Walk

Yesterday we told you about The Best Thing We Saw On the Internet All Day Week: Deadspin's slideshow of Mark Cuban's rugby days at

The Libyan Revolution Will Be Photoshopped

As you know by now, UN airstrikes from Operation Odyssey Dawn are currently in full swing to undermine Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s loyalist forces. The pictures