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There are Two VERY BIG Reasons Why You Want to See Jessica Simpson’s Latest Photo Shoot

Sup, Jess?

Katy Perry and Madonna Did a Lesbian/Bondage-Themed Photo Shoot

Art, maybe?

Miley Cyrus Touches Herself and Twerks in New Terry Richardson Photo Shoot

This uncertainty has been looming over us for far too long. We need an answer. Miley Cyrus: hot or not? Vote on the poll right

Here’s a Behind-the-Scenes Video of Paulina Gretzky’s Flare Photo Shoot

She is so prolific. A five-tool talent if we’ve ever seen one. Flare is definitely not wrong when they identify her as an “entertainer.”

Nekked Man Photobombs a French Clothing Chain’s Fashion Shoot For Kids

What a boss. Frolicking in the ocean, dick swaying in the breeze, paying no mind that there's an entire kids photo shoot for French fashion