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TMZ Has Obtained the First Leaked Pics of the New iPhone 6

TMZ has the the exclusive first pics of the new iPhone 6 straight from a phone that was allegedly smuggled out of a Foxconn factory

5 Apps Every Bro Needs Right Now

Get downloading, fool.

Because Life Is Actually A Joke, You Can Now Be Murdered By Your Phone Charger

Up next: how casually picking your nose will give you a brain aneurysm.

8 Ways To Make Your Phone Live Longer

Millennials love complaining about their phones being dead, so here are some tips to keep your phone alive longer.

Just 15 Hours a Month Talking on Your Cell Can Give You Cancer

But I like my phone.

Rihanna Tried to Take a Selfie With a Fan and Broke Their Phone

The phone is now up for auction.

OF COURSE John Stockton and Karl Malone Still Have Flip Phones

Classic duo.

The Founder of ‘Critique My Dick Pic’ Gave Some Advice Today on How to Send a Great Dick Pic

Today I learned there's a Tumblr called Critique My Dick Pic (NSFW unless your job is running a Tumblr called Critique My Dick Pic).

Bro Uses 2,000 iPhones as Dominos to Spell Out ‘Happy Holidays’

OK, setting up 2,000 iPhone 5s and using them for a giant holiday dominos display is pretty awesome. BUT: Who has 2,000 unopened iPhones? Where

Constantly Checking Your Phone Is Making Your Life Miserable

The texts, Instagrams, and quick peeks at your ex's recent Foursquare check-in can wait: Frequently looking at your phone doesn't make you feel more plugged in or social, according

The FAA FINALLY Says You Can Keep Your Phone On During Takeoff and Landing

Good news for Bros who like to travel... The FAA just announced that passengers are allowed to use electronic devices during all phases of flight,

Here is Every Guy’s Internal Monologue When A Girl Grabs Your Phone and Starts Swiping Through Pics

Yep. He NAILED IT. He perfectly captured the agony of handing anyone your phone to look at a photo. "I invited you to look at one

13 Horrifying Facts About Your Cell Phone

You won't believe how many people use their phones while having sex. NASTY.... 

I Forgot My Phone: This Amazing Short Film Shows How Depressing It Is Living in the Smartphone Era

Both an amazing and depressing video at the same time. Is it even possible to enjoy yourself in 2013 without having a smartphone?

How To Be Less Lame With Your Smartphone

Turn those silly notifications off, Bro... 

Peyton and Eli Manning Sang a Song About Football and Phones

This is being heralded as the “greatest thing on the internet.” Don’t blame me for that claim. I only report the facts.

Math Teacher Confiscates a Student’s Phone, Sets Passcode to The Answer of This Math Problem

Bro move on the teacher's part. Nothing worse than bratty kids these days tappin' away on their phones, Tindering, Instagraming, and reading sites like BroBible

Idiotic Woman Refuses to Turn off Phone, Is Taken Off Plane With Force

We’ve all been on a plane where someone was a dick about shutting off their phone. This woman, however, is worse than all of the

A Bro Interrupts Telemarketers in Latest Prank

Because clearly it takes a BIG MAN to take on someone working a job they hate for $8 an hour.

Calling All Recent College Graduates! Win a Samsung Galaxy S 4 Smartphone!

Bros, Bros: Back in the middle of March, we got really, really excited when Samsung announced it's plans for the Galaxy s4, the powerful generational upgrade

Why New iPhones are Like New Girlfriends

Every Bro knows what it's like to have a relationship with one's phone.

The iPhone 5S Is Coming: 5 Likely Features You Need to Know

The iPhone 5S, Apple's rumored follow up to the iPhone 5, may be released as soon as July 2013, according to recent reports. Here's a

Suck It, Apple: Will the Samsung’s Galaxy S4 KO the iPhone Once and For All?

In case you live under a rock, yesterday Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4. Is this the smartphone that will take down the iPhone's market dominance once

Pooping Without Your Phone

Isn't pooping at all.... 

LeBron James Has Picture of Michael Jordan Guarding Him for His Phone Background

This makes total sense. Also, how badly does his new commercial make you want that phone? It’s the music. The music just … gets to

Bro Asks to Borrow Cell Phone, Then Walks Away with It

Just BYU kids being BYU kids, pulling pranks on each other for YouTube views by jacking cell phones from each other. What fun! 

Broverview: Samsung Galaxy S III

Broverviews are reviews on products pertaining to the way a Bro would make use of them. There are four main uses that Bros really care about

New Contact: A Funny Video About How We Label Random People In Our Phones

You know the drill: You don't, can't, or chose not to remember someone's name from a night of partying so you save their number with

A Tribute to ‘Playing With Your Phone While Sitting on the Toilet’

"Go to take poop, forget to bring smartphone" is perhaps the ultimate First World Problem. Truthfully, do any of us really remember what