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Butthurt Eagles Fan Spits On a Saints Fan After Losing, Because Philly Sports Fans Are the Worst*

Damn, Eagles fans. I know it's in our DNA to be insufferable douchebags, but did you really have to do this to this Saints fan?

Remember That Douchebag Philly Cop? Here He Is Knocking Over Some Kid’s Basketball Hoop

Remember our post the other day about the Philadelphia cop who super agressively stopped and frisked two dudes in North Philly? Another video of officer Phillip Nace of the

Bro Gives His Friend a Wet Willie As the President of St Joe’s Prep in Philly Discusses New Pope

What the hell is wrong with the kid who got the wet willie? I know what he didn't trun around and punch his friend in

Sports Links for July 5th: The Amish NBA Player Edition

The best links from our buddies in the sportsverse today.

Epic Granny On Philly SEPTA Bus Asks, ‘B*tch You Wanna Get Your Teeth Knocked Down Your Throat?’

Epic Beard Man, meet your soulmate! This sassy, tough-talking Philly grandma on a SEPTA bus is hard and probably going to be the

We’re A Little Late On This, But Eatdatpu**y445’s Rant About the Philadelphia Eagles Is Ridiculous

This is one of those things we should have posted on Monday, but it tossed under a rug and was forgotten until last

Geno Steaks Founder Joey Vento Dies at 71

Sad stuff. Joey Vento is the larger-than-life owner of Geno's Steaks, a Philadelphia Institution and longstanding competitor to Pat's Steaks at 9th and Passyunk in