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That Epic 1991 Sizzler Ad Is Now A Recruiting Video For The Philadelphia Police, And It’s GLORIOUS


After watching this 1991 Sizzler Commercial that's been converted into a recruiting film for the Philadelphia Police you may question its legitimacy, but rest assured: this is an actual Philadelphia Police recruiting video currently being used by Philly's boys in blue.


Watching The Phillies This Season Will Be Tolerable Thanks To This Gut Busting 2,200-Calorie Cheeseburger

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The Philadelphia Phillies might be the worst team in baseball during the 2015 MLB season, which is further exacerbated by the fact that they play in the same division as the team expected to win the 2015 World Series (The Nats).


The Eagles Had A Locker Room Push-Ups Contest With 265-Pound Connor Barwin Sitting On Players’ Backs


In these videos things seem a lot less hectic in the Philadelphia Eagles' locker room than they appear based on national media attention.


Remember That Douchebag Philly Cop? Here He Is Knocking Over Some Kid’s Basketball Hoop


Remember our post the other day about the Philadelphia cop who super agressively stopped and frisked two dudes in North Philly.


Sports Links for July 5th: The Amish NBA Player Edition


The best links from our buddies in the sportsverse today.


We’re A Little Late On This, But Eatdatpu**y445’s Rant About the Philadelphia Eagles Is Ridiculous


This is one of those things we should have posted on Monday, but it tossed under a rug and was forgotten until last night, when I re-watched it after the Phillies played like sh*t against the Cardinals in the NLDS.

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