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Jon Stewart Made a Sex Tape for the Phillie Phanatic As an Apology to Philadelphia

After tearing the city of Philadelphia a new asshole on Tuesday night, Jon Stewart decided to play nice and apologize to the City of Brotherly

Philadelphia News Reporter Gets Plowed On Live TV

My apologies if you came into this post thinking you were going to see something else.

Idiot Films Himself “Pranking” People With Fake Drive-By Shootings

In what could go down as the most harebrained “prank” in recorded human history, a Philadelphia man drove around pointing […]

Butthurt Eagles Fan Spits On a Saints Fan After Losing, Because Philly Sports Fans Are the Worst*

Damn, Eagles fans. I know it's in our DNA to be insufferable douchebags, but did you really have to do this to this Saints fan?

A Philly Newscaster Just Broke Twitter with This Highly Controversial ‘Breaking Bad’ Tweet

It's hard to think anyone would ever "go there" comparing Breaking Bad  -- a fictional television show -- with real-life violence that directly impacts people's lives. One

Philly Sports Logos Meet ‘Always Sunny’ + The Must-Watch Philly Sports Power Hour

If you're not a Philly sports fan, just skip this post. You've been warned. It's more or less a love letter to Philly sports (which

Watch Highlights From LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul’s Exhibition Game in Philly

Yesterday NBA illumanti gathered in Philadelphia's Palestra for "The Battle of I-95," a charity exhibition hoops showcase between Baltimore's Team Melo and a

The Gang F*cks Up: Outtakes from It’s Always Sunny Season 6

Who enjoyed The Gang's trip down to the Jersey Shore last night? This guy, for one. So many great lines: "That's your idea

Geno Steaks Founder Joey Vento Dies at 71

Sad stuff. Joey Vento is the larger-than-life owner of Geno's Steaks, a Philadelphia Institution and longstanding competitor to Pat's Steaks at 9th and Passyunk in

A Story About a Nekked Man, a Dead Iguana, and an Animal Hoarder’s Son Attacking a News Reporter

It's not everyday that there's a news story involving a nekked man, a 4-foot-long alligator, an animal hoarder, a half dozen dead dogs, and it's

This Poor Man From Philadelphia is Unfortunately Named ‘Casey Anthony’

Poor dude. For forthy-three years no one gives you sh*t about your name. Then some chick in Florida goes a screws everything up for you.

The Taiwanese Animation People Ask, ‘Is Philadelphia the Crappiest Place to Live in the U.S.A.?’

The folks at NMA Taiwanese CGI animation ran out of things to make their little videos about this week, so they decided to push my

VIDEO: Avicii Dominates Philly

Right now, Swedish wunderkind Avicii has a lot of buzz as one of the best dj's in the world. Before performing at BroBible's 4000-plus party

VIDEO: Phillies Fans Do Keg Stands on The El

Usually I just brown-bag it or Solo Cup it when drinking adult beverages on public transportation. Yet here's we have a group of Phillies fans

VIDEO and GIF: DeSean Jackson’s Free Fall Touchdown Celebration Into the End Zone

The Philadelphia Eagles are now 9 and 4 after beating the Cowboys 30-27 on Sunday in Dallas Stadium. Here's a video and GIF of DeSean

Andy Reid Backpedals, Declares Michael ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ Vick Starting QB vs. Jacksonville

Well, that was fast. Earlier this evening Philadelphia head coach Andy Reid announced he's had a change of heart about starting Kevin Kolb as QB