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Group Of Philly Bros Accidentally Invite Stranger To A Bachelor Party, Dude Plans On Flying From Seattle To Attend Anyway

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The second best thing about bachelor parties -- besides the drunken shenanigans at the bachelor party itself -- is how off-the-rails group e-mail invites can get.

sylvester stallone

Tourists Running Up Rocky Steps In Philadelphia Run Into Sylvester Stallone, Take A Selfie


A trio of tourists hitting up one of the most tourist-friendly spots in Philadelphia got the surprise of a lifetime.


Joel Embiid Perfectly Trolled LeBron James On Twitter After The 76ers Beat The Cavs


The Philadelphia 76ers might be the laughingstock of the NBA, but that doesn't mean they can't pull off a surprise every now and then.


Philadelphia’s ‘Instant Gratification’ Run Sounds Perfect For Fat, Lazy Bros — Meaning ‘All Of Us’


The City of Brotherly Lard (it's the 14th fattest city in the US according to Men's Fitness) will host the world's shortest race in February.

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This Guy Squeezed The Tit Of A McDonald’s Employee And Said He’d ‘Show Her A Good Time,’ Then He Got His Comeuppance


  This is Michael Jenkins from Philadelphia, PA, and try as you might, but you won't find a more cocksure motherfucker on earth than him.


This Eagles Hype Video with Bradley Cooper and The Roots Will Make the City of Philadelphia Go Through a Roof


Every year, just a couple days before the NFL season kicks off, I get the same giddy feeling in my gut.


Jon Stewart Made a Sex Tape for the Phillie Phanatic As an Apology to Philadelphia


After tearing the city of Philadelphia a new asshole on Tuesday night, Jon Stewart decided to play nice and apologize to the City of Brotherly Love.


Philadelphia News Reporter Gets Plowed On Live TV


My apologies if you came into this post thinking you were going to see something else.


Idiot Films Himself “Pranking” People With Fake Drive-By Shootings


In what could go down as the most harebrained "prank" in recorded human history, a Philadelphia man drove around pointing a pellet gun at people in order to capture their terrified reactions.


A Philly Newscaster Just Broke Twitter with This Highly Controversial ‘Breaking Bad’ Tweet


It's hard to think anyone would ever "go there" comparing Breaking Bad  -- a fictional television show -- with real-life violence that directly impacts people's lives.

Summer League

Watch Highlights From LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul’s Exhibition Game in Philly


Yesterday NBA illumanti gathered in Philadelphia's Palestra for "The Battle of I-95," a charity exhibition hoops showcase between Baltimore's Team Melo and a cast of Philly-aligned stars.

TV shows

The Gang F*cks Up: Outtakes from It’s Always Sunny Season 6


Who enjoyed The Gang's trip down to the Jersey Shore last night.

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