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How Do People Think This Video of LeSean McCoy Throwing a 45-Pound Plate Like a Frisbee is Real?

There's no way, right?

Philadelphia Eagles O-Lineman Evan Mathis Tweets $64,000 Bill for Dinner at a Philly Steakhouse

Whatever sort of Amex-credit limit pissing contest is going on in the Philadelphia Eagles O-line locker room, I have to say -- we're hella amused.

Here’s Some Really Big News Regarding Nick Foles’ Penis

Good to know.

Philadelphia Eagles Fan Passed Out in Bathroom at Radio City Music Hall

Sleep well, sweet prince.

Butthurt Eagles Fan Spits On a Saints Fan After Losing, Because Philly Sports Fans Are the Worst*

Damn, Eagles fans. I know it's in our DNA to be insufferable douchebags, but did you really have to do this to this Saints fan?

The Wildcard Round NFL Picks Bring Joy to Begin 2014

The last Super Bowl that featured the No. 1 seed from each conference was in 2010 when the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts faced

This Awesome Eagles Fan Is Really Excited About the Eagles Beating the Cowboys

Hell. Yes. Meet Mr. G, the world's most loveable Philadelphia Eagles fan. With the NFC East on lock after last night's big win against Dallas,

DeMarco Murray Just Fucking Leveled The Eagles’ Damion Square (GIF)

With his fucking head. 

Joique Bell’s Raise The Net Touchdown Celebration is Already Today’s Best

I'm sure this has already been done before, but never in the snow. 

White Men Can Jump! Riley Cooper Makes a Leaping Grab (GIF) (Insert Racist Joke Here)

"I will fight every single [athletic person] here."

Chip Kelly Likes to Pantomime Cunnilingus During NFL Games

Umm… you tell me what else he could be doing. 

LeSean McCoy Gives No F*cks

Last meeting, LeSean McCoy ran buck wild against the Redskins.

The Eagles’ DeSean Jackson Mocked Victor Cruz with a Salsa Dance TD Celebration

If you're an Eagles fan, this is a glorious, glorious celebration dance. This is the BEST way for Eagles reciever Desean Jackson to mock the New York

Large, Mustachioed Man Gets Magnificent Gatorade Bath in Philadelphia

Andy Reid returned to Philadelphia last night with his Kansas City Chiefs, and he GOT STUFF DONE, you guys. The former Eagles coach easily dispatched

The Truth About the Trent Richardson Trade, Plus the Thursday Night Pick

Trades don’t normally happen during an NFL regular season. Last year, the trade deadline came and went without anyone getting dealt despite lots of speculation

Babe Reporter Kacie McDonnell Pretty Sure Philadelphia Eagles Will ‘Win the Cup’

This is Fox Philadelphia reporter Kacie McDonnell. She used to date Christian Ponder, so athletes’ groin areas are never far from her mind. Perhaps that

Fight! Fight! Cary Williams and Riley Cooper Get Into a Brawl at Eagles Practice

Uh-Oh... Riley Cooper and Cary Williams threw punches at each other during today's Philadelphia Eagles practice, with Michael Vick having to jump in to hold

What Brotherly Love Truly Means: This Philadelphia Eagles Hype Video Will Put Fans Through the Roof

Chills. Say what you want, haters, but there is nothing on the planet like being a Philadelphia Eagles fan. The family, the friends, and the

Inside the New Philadelphia Eagles Cafeteria

No more Taco Tuesday and Fast-Food Friday! 

Michael Vick’s Book Tour Canceled Due to Threats of Violence

People haven’t exactly forgiven Michael Vick.

Michael Jackson’s 14-Year-Old Daughter Should Totally Become a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader

The head of the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading team thinks Michael Jackson’s 14-year-old daughter, Paris, would be a great addition to the sidelines.

Chip Kelly Will Coach the Philadelphia Eagles, Chris Mortensen Reports

Wow. Didn't see that one coming. Holy duck. 

Chip Kelly Snubs the NFL to Stay at Oregon, Mat Kearney Likely 100% of the Reason Why

According to the World Wide Leader, Chip Kelly is staying put in Oregon. Can you blame him? I can't. I wouldn't leave the success, job

Here’s a Philadelphia Eagles Fan With a ‘Fire Andy’ Ass Tattoo

You, sir, are an idiot.

Who Made a Better One-Handed Grab: Jason Avant or Kris Durham?

Just a couple of sick one-handed grabs by unheralded wide receivers yesterday.

Monday Night Football Drinking Game: Carolina Panthers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Holy hell, does tonight’s game ever suck! Two terrible teams, the Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers, will try to avoid further embarrassment on national television.

The 10 Biggest Dumpster Fire Teams of the NFL Right Now

Now that we’re more than halfway through the NFL season, we have a pretty good idea of what teams are really made of. And, holy

‘We Are Never Ever Gonna Win With Andy,’ a Taylor Swift Parody About How Much the Eagles Suck

As a doomed and frustrating season continues to trudge on, a pink slip with Andy Reid's name on it is all but inevitable at this

Amazing Philadelphia Eagles Trick Play Involved Riley Cooper Sleeping in the End Zone

The sky is falling in Philadelphia. The Eagles fell to 3-5 last night after a loss to the New Orleans Saints and Andy Reid should

DeSean Jackson Raps with a 10-year-old Kid Battling Sickle Cell Anemia

The lastest episode of ESPN's "My Wish" will break your heart right here. Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson hangs out with Donovan Troy, a 10-year-old

Brian Dawkins Retires, Leaves Behind Video of Violent Hits

Brian Dawkins has retired from the NFL. For 16 seasons, the safety absolutely destroyed everything in his path. Dawkins spent 13 years with

The Top 10 Teams on Santa’s Naughty List This Year

Whether we like it or not, Christmas is upon us. The trees are being lit, people are fighting over $2 waffle irons, radio stations

YouTuber Eatdatpu**y445 Filmed an 11-Minute Rant on How Much the Philadelphia Eagles Flat-Out Suck

All season long, we've chuckling in amusement (and, for me at least, frustrated agreement) with YouTube's eatdatpu**y445's commentary on the Philadelphia Eagles. In

Two Classic Eagles Fan Rants After Yet Another Fourth Quarter Meltdown

Another week, another game with the suck-ass Philadelphia Eagles melting down in the fourth quarter to blow the game and lose. Yesterday's loss

Watch a Freestyling Philadelphia Eagles Fan Rap Hard About Getting Drunk/Tailgating

If you're having a sh*ty day, just watch this video our friends at Guyism found from the Sports Complex parking lot. It'll put

We’re A Little Late On This, But Eatdatpu**y445’s Rant About the Philadelphia Eagles Is Ridiculous

This is one of those things we should have posted on Monday, but it tossed under a rug and was forgotten until last

Here’s the Eagles Ronnie Brown Throwing the Ball For Some Reason On A Goal-Line Rush

What a stupid, stupid fumble. Probably the first we've all seen someone try to throw the ball on a rush towards the goal line.

How Much Will the NFL Fine Dunta Robinson For This Hit Against Jeremy Maclin?

If you missed it, Dunta Robinson was the barer of this gross helmet-to-helmet hit on Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin tonight during Atlanta's 35-31

Michael Vick Signs Six-Year, $100 Million Deal With the Eagles

Big, big payday for 31-year-old Michael Vick, the most buzzed about person in the NFL. Early reports indicate he signed a six-year, $100 million deal

Esquire’s ‘Me In My Place,’ Featuring Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Stephanie Smith

Have to show a little fan pride for Esquire's latest installment of "Me In My Place." Esquire gifted me and Philly sports fans everywhere with