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Phil Mickelson Drank a $40,000 Bottle of Wine Out of the Claret Jug

What will Phil do next? How about whatever the fuck Phil pleases? How bout that?

Phil Mickelson Showed Up at Callaway’s Headquarters Wednesday to Bro Out with the Claret Jug

British Open champion and three-time PGA "Best Lettuce" winner Phil Mickelson unexpectedly dropped in on Callaway's Carlsbad, California office on Wednesday, and the result was

Ian Poulter Suggests Placing Windmill and Clown Face on 18th Hole of British Open

The British Open is known for unforgiving conditions. That’s what makes it fun. Watching guys buried in impossible bunkers and weeds up to their waists

Phil Mickelson Made an Eagle And Jumped in the Air

Phil Mickelson just holed an incredible eagle at No. 10 to take a one-stroke lead in the U.S. Open. It was so sick, you guys.

Phil Mickelson Shows How to Hit a Flop Shot By Hitting One Over a Man Standing 3ft In Front of Him

Holy Christ. You could not pay me to stand there or hit that shot. Don't care how great the guy hitting it is or my

Kid Geniuses, Lefties, Redemptions, and Remembrances in Our Bros of the Week

Is this, in fact, the greatest Bros of the Week ever published? Well, I gave it 60% effort, which for a normal person would be

Europe Holds Early Lead with Play Suspended for Heavy Rain at the Ryder Cup

Last night, just before hitting the sack, I noticed that ESPN's coverage of the Ryder Cup was only a couple hours away. Because there is

The 15 Biggest Degenerate Celebrity Gamblers

Imagine for a second that you are an extremely wealthy individual, like Bill Gates or Scrooge McDuck. Would you spend hours of your spare time