A Man Carved Rory McIlroy’s Face Into A Pumpkin. Well, Sort Of.


I don't know who this pumpkin actually looks like, but it's certainly not Rory McIlroy.


Rickie Fowler Has A New Girlfriend…She Wears Bikinis…And Is Very Attractive


/spots hot girl standing in the gallery /nods head /fires Shooter McGavin-esque double pistols at her "Sup, Lexy.


PGA Tour Pro Brandt Snedeker Shot Skeet Out Of The Air With His Golf Clubs


Since we're talking about Brandt Snedeker here, I'd first like to clear something up by asking if his name is pronounced "Sned-Eker" (how I've always assumed it to be) or "Snee-Dicker" (how Tom Watson says it in this Master Card commercial).

pga tour

8 Things That Happen On The PGA Tour That No One Seems To Talk About, By A PGA Tour Caddie


Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports The PGA Tour is very conscious of, and concerned about, its public appearance and perception.

The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon Handed Out Superlatives to Pro Golfers After the PGA Championship, Pulled No Punches


Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods got off easy, probably because they're the only people on this list that would ever be on The Tonight Show, but some of the other tour players can't say the same.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Has Been Spotted at the PGA Championship, Intends to Play


Tiger Woods is finally at Valhalla Golf Club and it's his intention to play in this week's PGA Championship.

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10 Best Players to Never Win the PGA Championship


WARNING: This video contains HIGH fashion.

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