Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Has Been Spotted at the PGA Championship, Intends to Play


Tiger Woods is finally at Valhalla Golf Club and it's his intention to play in this week's PGA Championship.

scalloped potatoes

Nick Faldo rebukes fan who screams ‘scalloped potatoes’ during tee shot


Yesterday it was rutabaga and today it's scalloped potatoes.

PGA Championship

Guess Who Won $50,000 Betting on Keegan Bradley to Win the PGA?


Some son-of-a-b*tch, rat-fink-f*ck bastard named Brian, that's who.


BUNKERGATE: Dustin Johnson Eliminated from Three-Way Playoff at PGA Championship on B.S. Call; Kayme


If you haven't been following along with the PGA Championship, or with our Twitter feed over the past hour, you wouldn't believe what's about to happen to Dustin Johnson.

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