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Peyton Manning Penalized for Taunting After Getting In D. J. Swearinger’s Face

Don't Fuck With Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning Takes Gig as Convenience Store Manager Very Seriously

Short-sleeved button-up.

Peyton and Eli Manning Drop ‘Fantasy Football Fantasy,’ A Late Contender for Song of the Summer

Viral marketing.

Is Peyton Manning a Better Dancer Than Tom Brady?

Who is truly elite?

Peyton Manning is the World’s Most Phenomenal Dancer

What an athlete.

Peyton Manning Arrested For Cocaine Possession In Nashville

I bet you thought this post would be about star Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, didn't you?

Peyton Manning Gave Tremendous Commencement Speech at UVA, Threw Footballs to Graduating Seniors

Manning was chosen for the honor because his wife, Ashley, graduated from UVA in 1997. Manning

Peyton Manning Set Up David Letterman for a Perfect Bill Belichick Burn


Peyton Out-Awkwards Eli, Sings Johnny Cash On Stage

He wasn't going to let his brother be the whitest dude of the offseason.

Peyton Manning Tells Hilarious Story About Golfing With Tiger Woods

Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods are good friends. Who knew? I had no idea, but apparently they’re such great pals […]

You Can Bet on How Many Times Peyton Manning Will Say ‘Omaha’ at Super Bowl

Proving once again that people will bet on literally anything, the online sportsbook Bovada is taking wagers on how many times Peyton Manning will say

Chargers Fans Beat the Shit Out of Broncos Fan Wearing Peyton Manning Jersey

This is how you dull the pain of a season-ending loss. Yet again, violence is the best -- and only! -- answer.

Peyton Manning Won a Playoff Game, Couldn’t Wait to Drink a Bud Light

Peyton Manning listened for two weeks as people pointed toward his less-than-stellar track record in playoff openers. He answered by leading the Denver Broncos past

Here’s Peyton Manning Relaxing in a Cold Tub While Wearing a Helmet and Using an iPad

If you were hanging out in a hot tub and some dude showed up with a football helmet and iPad, you’d likely be a little

Woman With Boobs as Big as Peyton Manning’s Forehead Dons Denver Broncos Body Paint, Nothing Else

Here are two facts about Natasha Kizmet: 1. She has some very round breasts. 2. She once painted a Peyton Manning jersey on her curvy

This is What an Email Chain Between Peyton Manning and Papa John Looks Like

Peyton Manning and Papa John's are business partners (sort of). I've managed to intercept an email chain between the two of them. Peyton is kind

Peyton Manning Has His Own Strain of Weed, You Guys

Kudos to the package artist. I didn't think you could possibly make Peyton Manning look less handsome but, against all odds, he did just that.

Here are All Seven of Peyton Manning’s Touchdowns

Peyton Manning tied an NFL record by throwing for seven touchdowns last night in the Denver Broncos’ rout of the Baltimore Ravens. SEVEN! Never has

Peyton and Eli Manning Sang a Song About Football and Phones

This is being heralded as the “greatest thing on the internet.” Don’t blame me for that claim. I only report the facts.

Johnny Manziel Allegedly Dismissed from Mannings’ Camp for Hangover

The summer of JOHNNY FOOTBALL continues: Our favorite Heisman-winn', Tim Tebow-dissin', Jimmy Tatro-buddyin', online class-attendin', and (possibly) blunt-smokin' QB was dismissed from the Manning Passing

Peyton Manning Sang Johnny Cash With Luke Bryan

Peyton Manning returned to Indianapolis to delight fans over the weekend. Not on the football field, mind you, but onstage with country star Luke Bryan,

The Top 5 NFL MVP Candidates, Plus the Thursday Night Pick

I love putting together lists as lead-ins for the Thursday night NFL pick and this weekend is no different.  We're past the halfway point in

‘If NFL QBs Were Facebook Friends’ Discusses the Midseason MVP Race, Tony Romo Being Terrible

Some more great stuff churned out from the dudes at Total Pro Sports. This week the NFL QBs set their sights on the league's ultimate

11 Truths of the 2012 Fantasy Football Season

With half of the fantasy football season under our belt, we now have a very nice sample size to analyze the marketplace. The season is

Our Official Monday Night Football Drinking Game: Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers

Peyton Manning leads the Denver Broncos into San Diego to face the Chargers tonight in a pivotal AFC West showdown. Philip Rivers will have a

‘What If Quarterbacks Were Facebook Friends?’ Is Back with a Tremendous Week 5 Recap

A few days ago, we stumbled across Total Pro Sports' uproarious QB Facebook thread, which mostly consisted of elite quarterbacks ripping on their less-accomplished peers.

The 101 Greatest ESPN College GameDay Signs, Peyton’s Prognosis, and More Weekend Sports Links

Get up to speed with all the weekend sports happenings, right here, right now. See what's what, after the jump. 

‘What If Quarterbacks Were Facebook Friends?’ Hilariously Imagines an Elite QB Facebook Thread

This sort of humor seems to be a burgeoning trend, likely because its hilarity is pretty damn spectacular. Huge ups to the folks at Total

The Biggest Brawls in Sports History, a UK Fan Curb-Stomp, and More Midweek Sports Links

Here's some choice sports news and entertainment from our friends to help you inch ever-so closer to that upcoming weekend: 

Weekend Sports Links Roundup: NFL Game Balls, Tailgate Highlights, and More!

Presenting the past weekend's best sports news and highlights from our friends, now in a dope new format. Tell us what you think!

Peyton Manning Jerseys Banned at Denver Area School for Fear of Gang Relation

Wear a Peyton Manning jersey, join a gang. It's a natural progression, right? 

Hilarious Outtakes from Peyton, Eli and Deion’s DirecTV Sunday Ticket Spots

NFL Sundays are getting so close, you can taste it. The aromas of wings and spilt beer, the epic NFL on CBS theme song and

News Anchor Drops F-Bomb When She Hears That Peyton Manning Will Sign with Broncos

Not everybody was happy to hear that Peyton Manning would be signing with the Denver Broncos.

BREAKING: Peyton Manning Intends to Play for Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning has directed his agent to get a deal done with the Denver Broncos, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is reporting. The parameters of a five-year,

Peyton Manning Won’t Join Miami Dolphins, Will Work Out for Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning won’t be taking his talents to South Beach. The four-time NFL MVP told the Miami Dolphins they were out of running to land

Dolphins Fans Try to Woo Peyton Manning with Celine Dion Parody Song

Peyton Manning has no plans to visit the Miami Dolphins before signing a free-agent contract. Yet that hard truth hasn't stopped Miami fans

The Waiter Given the Huge Tip By Peyton Manning Has Been Fired

When Peyton Manning was down in North Carolina shooting that Zapruder-like action film, he got hungry. His trip to Raleigh’s Angus Barn resulted in a

Colts Fan Sings ‘Peyton Manning Farewell Song’

Indianapolis Colts fans have a heavy heart today as they watched Peyton Manning announce that he would no longer be part of their

Peyton Manning is One Classy Bro

Peyton Manning is no longer a member of the Indianapolis Colts, but he hasn’t changed. At his core, he’s still the epitome of class. He

Watch Video of Peyton Manning Throwing Footballs at Duke

Well, we finally have some proof: Peyton Manning can still throw the ball. Before he took in last night's Duke-Carolina game in Cameron,