Weiner Dog Wins Race By Weiner-Blocking All The Other Dogs, Is A Cheat


I'm going to be honest with you, this video's straight out something like 'America's Funniest Home Videos', but that doesn't mean it's not hilarious.


This German Shepherd Sings Better Karaoke Than You Ever Will


Man's best friend is always there when you need him, whether that involves chewing up the shoes you weren't sure you'd ever wear again, or if you need a partner to sing a duet with you, he's there.


This Giant Wolf Is Also A Giant Pussy—Is Afraid Of Miniature Stairs


When you look at the Irish Wolfhound, the world's tallest dog, the last thing you would ever think of is 'damn, I bet that giant is afraid of the tiny steps in my kitchen.


We Are All This Ferret Who Just Got Bitch Slapped By Life’s Unfair Expectations

By | 2 Comments

Sometimes life throws wildly unfair expectations in your face, but the human spirit is strong, and you try to persevere.


This Turkey Is The Thanksgiving Übermensch—Can Sit On Command Like A Dog


This is not your every day run of the mill turkey, this turkey is is übermensch of Thanksgiving, it has evolved into a greater being than other turkeys.


This Bird Sounds EXACTLY Like R2D2 From ‘Star Wars’–Is The Worst Bird Ever


Why would you ever teach a bird to mimic the sounds or a robot from a movie.


Bro Tries To Jump BMX Bike Into River, Dog Has Other Ideas For Him


You're just peddling along, trying to pull a sweet trick on your suped up BMX bike and jump it into the river, then out of nowhere the dog runs up and BLOODY HELL.


If You Want To Scare The Piss Out Of People This Halloween You NEED This Creepy Russian Monkey


There are countless ways to scare people on All Hallow's Eve, but if you really want to do the job right you're going to need this creepy Russian monkey.

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