bloodsucking parasites

Man Feeding GIGANTIC Bloodsucking Pet Leech From His Own Arm Is Pure Unadulterated Nightmare Fuel (Video)


If you don't want to stay awake trembling with fear tonight, please don't proceed any further and DEFINITELY do not watch the stomach-churning video of the largest leech you didn't ever want to see.

bro cats

‘Bro Cats’ May Be An Oxymoron, But Here We Are With This Glorious Video Of Cats Being Bro As Hell


Here I thought dogs were the most bro of the animal kingdom, but these cats high-fiving, fist-bumping, playing sports and working out with their fellow human bros make me now realize that dogs have some serious competition from the feline world.


Watch This Dog Shovel Snow. Stop. Realize How Fucking Stupid Cats Are.

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The upper-half of North America is covered in leftover snow from polar vortex after vortex, and cats don't seem to be doing a ding-dangity-dong thing about it.

why dogs rule

Proof That Only Dogs Are Able To TRULY Appreciate Adam Levine’s High-Pitched Wailing


We've all been subjected to Adam Levine's glass-shattering falsetto voice at some point in our lives, like it or not.

kevin gates

The Rapper Who Was Openly Having Sex With His Cousin Just Kicked A Woman Out Of Bed For Reasons You Won’t Believe


Kevin Gates is a rapper from Louisiana who's more famous for openly having sex with his cousin than any of the tracks he's ever rapped on.

instant karma

Dude Laughs At His Dog Falling Down, Then Instant Karma Strikes With Vengeance


New York City has been covered in a sheet of ice for the last week making for treacherous travel for all.

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