Every bite you take, every crumb you bake, I’ll be watching you


Just about every pet owner is all to familiar with that feeling of making food, eating food, or holding food, when you just know that there's a set of eyes glued to you.

Yorkshire Terrier

Someone needs to tell this adorable dog that he’s not a human being


This adorable little Yorkshire Terrier is confused, he thinks he's people.


We are all this dog chasing after shadows


This dog is us, we are all this dog, fruitlessly chasing shadows in the sun only to have them slip from our grasp.

葳幼家 笑死我

Whoever thinks Punk Rock is dead hasn’t seen this chick wailing on her dog


Punk Rock is alive and well, it's just off in Hsinchuang, Taiwan being maintained by this chick wailing on her dog.

what if your pet got high

This is what life would be like if dogs got high (24 pics)


Have you ever stopped to wonder what dogs would say and do if they were to get high like their human counterparts.

Viral Photos

59 hilariously random photos to get you through Tuesday


In today's Must See Imagery we have some hilarious demotivational posters, sexy mishaps, perfectly timed photos, and more.


‘Pets Interrupting Yoga’ reminds us that your best friend can also be your worst enemy


When you become a pet owner the concept of 'me time' goes right out the window, as we see here in this compilation of pets adorably interrupting yoga.

Sage and Luci Poose

Whoever says punk rock is dead hasn’t met these dogs, Sage and Luci-Poose


Punk rock is not dead, in fact it's alive and well, just take a look at this music video on the life of Sage and Luci-Poose.


The ‘J’s On My Feet–23′ remix the world desperately needed


Last September, Mike WiLL Made It dropped his most popular anthem to date '23,' and today it finally got the remix it deserved.


Disabled doggies in wheelcarts will restore your faith in dogmanity


Dog owners all know that a dog isn't a pet, it's a part of your family.