White House jumper kicks dog

Man Jumps Over White House Fence, Kicks Attack Dog, Is The Devil


If there's ONE THING we here in America don't stand for, it's animal abuse.


Screaming Goats Performing The ‘Star Wars’ Theme Song Is EVERYTHING


Screaming goats makes everything better, and these screaming goats singing the tune to the 'Star Wars' theme song is internet gold.


This Dog Doesn’t Give A Crap About Live TV, He’s Taking Over This Weather Report


Edmonton weatherman Mike Sobel had special guest for this weather report this week.


Vicious Hiker Attack: Pint-Sized Arctic Fox Tries To Gnaw Off Bro’s Sandal, Is Adorable


Here we see a hapless hiker bro getting his sandal gummed up by an adorable baby fox.


You’re Going To Have To Punch A Wall To Feel Manly After Watching This Bulldog Puppy Try To Howl


You look at this wrinkly puppy and can't help but wonder: how did this tiny booger ever descent from a wolf.

Tug of war

This Wrinkly Puppy Sucks At Tug-Of-War And His Feeble Attempts To Tug Are Shameful


Listen up pooch, if you're going to try and tug like a man then you better bulk up.


Videos Of Hamsters Doing Funny Things, Ranked


You might not realize it but there's more videos of hamsters doing funny things on the Internet than there are molecules in the galaxy.


This Chubby Corgi Puppy Couldn’t Be Any More Basic, Is Obsessed With Pumpkins


The narrative of being 'basic' meaning that a person is freakishly obsessed with pumpkins is getting a bit tired, but you can't deny this corgi puppy is obsessed, and that does in fact make him basic.


Radamel Falcao Taught His Parrot To Go Crazy When He Scores A Goal


Manchester United forward Radamel Falcao took time out of his busy life to teach his pet parrot, Coco, to celebrate every time he scores.

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