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This Cat Is Purrrrrrty Good at Ping-Pong

Cats are the divas of animals, but this is more fun that watching a cat play with a laser pointer. Look at how much fun

‘Total Frat Cat’ Is a Frattiest Cat On Instagram

Did you ever wonder what it’d be like if your cat was a Sperry-wearing, Natty-pounding fratdaddy fratstar? If you answered “yes” to […]

Stupid Stoners Are Getting Their Pets Sick With Weed

Remember when you used to blow smoke in the dog's ear while having a joint?

Dog Attends Baseball Game, Is a Bit Chilly

It was a chilly night in Arlington but this dog was ready. His planning paid off as he was able to stay until the end

Just a Picture of Colin Kaepernick and Sammy, His 100-Pound Pet Tortoise

Alex Smith probably has something boring for a pet, like a dog. That’s why he’s sitting the bench and ol’ CK is running shit.

Tim Tebow Has Changed His Dog’s Name from Bronco to Bronx

Stop the presses. Tim Tebow has changed his dog’s name from Bronco to Bronx. I always knew he had a lot in common with Pete