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This Guy Does the Best Peter Griffin Impersonation You’ll Ever See

If there is such thing as a real-life Peter Griffin, this man is it.

This Camel (Yes, Camel) Does a Perfect Peter Griffin Impression

That's about as good a rendition as anyone could do.

Internet Funds Stuntwomen’s Remake of Epic ‘Family Guy’ Chicken Fight

I repeat: they were paid to do this. Yet another reminder that your job sucks.

‘Family Guy’ and ‘The Simpsons’ Will Have a Crossover Episode

Mediocre, ultimately disappointing idea? Or GREATEST IDEA EVER!? It'll prob be one or the other. 

Rate This ‘Real Life’ Peter Griffin

As things on the internet go, this is hitting viral status. A man attended New York's Comic-Con as a real-life Peter Griffin--from the dress to