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Pete Holmes Delivers Awesome Monologue on Why You Should Never Stop Laughing

A pretty common criticism of the Pete Holmes Show is that its host tends to laugh—a lot.

Pete Holmes’ Interview of Lolo Jones Was a Gloriously Awkward Mess

Lolo Jones is the nationally famous track-and-field athlete who didn't do a hell of a lot on the track-and-field front at the London Games. She

Pete Holmes Interviewed James Harden and It Wasn’t Boring

Pete Holmes sat down with Houston Rockets star and all-around interesting human being James Harden for a very unusual chat. It was captured on videotape

Comedian Pete Holmes Offers Up Great Advice on How to Deal with Annoying Telemarketers

This bit, which comes to us from an Australian comedy festival that was held in late March, is rather genius AND sounds like excellent fun.