bill maher sacks the nfl

Bill Maher Blasts NFL On Their Weed Ban, Domestic Violence Issues And Pete Carroll


Real Sports have replaced Bryant Gumbel's opening monologue with video segments from various HBO’s comedic personalities.


Marshawn Lynch Calls Pete Carroll A ‘Gum Chewing, Lesbian Grandma’ In Final ‘NFL QBs Talking Trash On Facebook’


  For the rest of the final NFL QB's Talking Trash on Facebook head on over to Pro Football Mock.

seattle seahawks

Here’s The Tecmo Super Bowl Playbook The Seattle Seahawks Should Have Used To Win Super Bowl


Much has been made about the Seattle Seahawks' horrendous decision to attempt a pass play from the one-yard line instead of handing off to Marshawn Lynch.

pete carroll

All The 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Are Rooting For Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks


For nearly two full weeks, we've been hit over the head with the New England Patriots' misdeeds.

trick shots

Dude Perfect And The Seattle Seahawks (Including Pete Carroll) Made Some Amazing Football Trick Shots


Just a couple of weeks ago Dude Perfect made an archery video that blew our minds and now today they're back on some more familiar ground using a football to make even more of the most mind-blowing trick shots we've ever seen.

pete carroll

Pete Carroll Explains How He Would Have Solved The Whole Iraq Mess Without A Single Death


Seattle Seahawks coach and 9/11 truther Pete Carroll said some pretty interesting stuff to Seattle Times reporter Jerry Brewer back in 2013.

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell Is BFFs with Pete Carroll, Kicks Field Goal Into a Crowd at USC


Considering the state Pete Carroll left USC's football program in before leaving in 2010, I'm surprised the school would invite the now-Super Bowl Champion head coach of the Seahawks back to give a lecture.

Pete Carroll GIFs

This Pete Carroll GIF was probably the best moment of the Super Bowl


The Seahawks capped off an amazing Super Bowl performance by showering coach Pete Carroll with Gatorade.

Pete Carroll

We need a Pete Carroll cam


The Seahawks blocked a punt and recovered in the end zone for a touchdown.


Thunder Guard Nate Robinson Gets NFL Tryout With Seahawks


With the NBA lockout in full effect players are starting to get antsy.

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