This Study Says That Women’s Periods DON’T Attract Bears, So Eat Your Heart Out Brick Tamland


Youtube Screengrab I'm not sure if the idea that menstruation attracts bears was around before the Anchorman movie, but ever since Brick Tamland came out and fearfully said that he was afraid of Veronica's periods attracting bears, it's been an accepted fact: But was Ed really putting the whole station in jeopardy by hiring Veronica.


Everything You (Maybe Didn’t?) Want to Know About Strippers and Menstruation


Most women, when they have their periods, still go to work during the day like nothing is different.


What do girls really think about their periods? This


Periods are a great mystery to most of us guys.


This Russian tampon commercial is more intense than our American ones


Did you know that women bleed from their vaginas once a month.

running red lights

8 Do’s and Dont’s to Engaging in Period Sex


If you bros are anything like me, you like to have sex all the time.

women vs men

7 things men do that women don’t understand

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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus — personally, I think that’s a load of bullsh-t.


Temple News Writer Pens Epic Op-Ed on Periods


John Corrigan’s final column for The Temple News will go down in history – and not in a good way.

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