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Why People Who Don’t Get It Are Simply the Worst

Like just, awful.

VIDEO: This Penguin Wanted to Go to a People Restaurant, So He DID

Great penguin initiative.

Cool, So, Someone Is Making Furniture Designed to Look Like Human Skin

Because the world isn't creepy enough already.

DiGiorno’s Design a Pizza App Is Being Used to Make All Kinds of Dick-Related Pizza

Would you put this in your mouth?

The 4 People You See At Every Garage Sale

Let's buy other people's junk!

You Drink More Than You Think

And you aren't honest about it.

Science Says Being a Manipulative Dick Will Lead to a Better Love Life

Nice guys just keep finishing last.

Top 10 Weird News Stories 2013

2013 was one fucked up year. It had dick church. Remember dick church? It's the church that looks like a dick. 

Man Walks Down Street With Live Cat on Head, Confuses BroBible Team

This gentleman wandered near BroBible HQ full of life and enjoying the hell out of a picturesque autumn day in New York City. For reasons

This Manny Ramirez Report is Appropriately Bizarre

News you can really use.